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You need a premium minecraft account to play online with other people.

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Q: Can you have a Minecraft account with multiplayer?
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What to do when you can't connect to Minecraft multiplayer?

You need an account to play minecraft multiplayer.

How much for a minecraft multiplayer accout for 1.8?

there is no account for multiplayer. you buy the account ( then download the minecraft program. ( from there you can open it, then choose singleplayer or multiplayer

How do you fix Minecraft multiplayer time out problem?

Update your Minecraft account, when you start Minecraft.

Can you use the same minecraft account on multiplayer without messing up the account?

A legit premium account can be used for both Singleplayer and Multiplayer.

Do you need the real minecraft to play multiplayer?

There is no fake Minecraft, but you need a paid account.

What do premium accounts in Minecraft do?

A premium account is a Minecraft account that has bought the game. A premium account allows you to change your skin and play on multiplayer servers.

Who much does Minecraft the full version cost?

$26.95 as of 5/7/2013 to purchase a Minecraft premium account for Multiplayer servers.

Does multiplayer come with Minecraft?

Yes, Multiplayer comes with Minecraft on the PC.

How do you go on multiplayer in Minecraft?

First you start Minecraft, then you go on "multiplayer" and type in an ip !

How do you use your minecraft server without premium account?

You need to purchase a Minecraft account(premium account) to play Minecraft on a server. This is due to the fact that even if you get your hands on a version of Minecraft without paying for it, why would they let you play multiplayer as well. It may be possible to start your own server and join it by hacking Minecraft, but this is Illegal.

Can you make a minecraft account without having to pay first?

You can make a minecraft account but you are only allowed to play the demo world untill you pay. To be able to play on multiplayer and creative mode you have to pay the $27 for a premium account.

How do you play two player multiplayer on minecraft on the same account on xbox 360?

U need a HD TV