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Type in the IP address or Hamachi address of your friend's correctly or play the premium minecraft.


Your friends has to be on (Hamachi) to connect to his server

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2012-03-14 11:54:07
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Q: How do you connect to your friends minecraft hamachi server i can connect to the hamachi network but i cant connect to the minecraft server?
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Why can't i connect to my friends hamachi minecraft server?

I think it's because your friend has to make a hamachi network, and you need to join it.

What is hamachi?

Hamachi is a program that allows an individual to easily create a virtual private network between multiple machines. Edit: Good for example playing pirated games in multiplayer with your friends

How do you play online with your friends on Minecraft?

There are two things you could do to play online with your friends on Minecraft. Firstly, you need to buy an account. Then, you could either make a Minecraft server Then you tell them to get a hamachi download, and they open it up, go to network, then join an existing network..., then they type in your Network ID, and password (if you have one), and the final step is to tell them your server IP, so they can play! This is if you want to play with your friends alone--with only them.Another option is to play on a pre-made server with a whole bunch of other strangers.And you can just tell your friends the IP of the server and you can play together. (the server type that I would recommend for this option is a faction server (this means that there are some sorts of clans, and you can fight others with your clan-which could include your friends-and it's a whole lot of fun!)

Does Minecraft use wifi?

If you want to connect to a Minecraft server on the PC you will need some sort of internet connection to connect to the server. On the Xbox, you will need internet,as well as a Gold Subscription, to invite others to your map or join someone else's map On mobile devices, you must connect them both to the same WiFi network to play together on a world

Do you have to buy Minecraft?

"Yes, only if you want multiplayer features or any game play other than Classic. There is a way to log in without a username, buy disconnecting your internet beforehand. Otherwise, it is $27 USD" there are other options.... You can pirate it from a website, in which you will learn how to do from youtube videos and explanations. This will give you the single player version. However, if you use some torrents correctly, (which can be very risky) you can obtain a username without purchasing the game, and play online. Becaue remember, its not the server playing and the game that costs money, it's the username. Another way that I prefer is to obtain it from a friend of yours that has minecraft. Minecraft is an easily stored folder and so if you simply, copy and paste it from a USB into your computer, you'll have an exact copy. Another way to get online with this is to use a program called logmein hamachi, in which you can go on youtube to learn how to download. You use this to either create a new network for you and your friends to use, or join a friends network, so that you guys can play online together. (Note: This is not the same as a premium account. you'll only be able to play on the servers that you are connected to in hamachi. This means you can only play with other people that use hamachi for mc.) As you can see, these are some other options. You can easily get the normal minecraft without having to pay for it. you'll get all the normal features that a paid version gets.

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Why can't i connect to my friends hamachi minecraft server?

I think it's because your friend has to make a hamachi network, and you need to join it.

Can you add pluggins to a minecraft server that is not hamachi or Bukkit?

No. You have to use Bukkit. And there is no such thing as a hamachi server, it just means you connect to their network using Hamachi

How do you connect to your friend's Minecraft Hamachi server?

You need Hamachi first, then you have to join there Network they should have created through Hamachi. Once you have done that you need to get there personal Hamachi IP and type it in on Minecraft, it should not require a port.

Why cant people connect to my minecraft server i port forwarded My other sever the one that isn't bukkit can be connected to I am using the pail thing but my friends can connect when they are over?

Tell them to download LogMeIn Hamachi then create a network let them join then you can play together :)

Does game chap have a lan server minecraft?

download hamachi (unmanaged) then join me. network ID: kf's place password: NOPE then put this IP on minecraft: see you around

Why can't other people join my minecraft hamachi server?

u must give them ur hamachi network id and username an password, then they have to write the ip in the regular place and join....

How do I add people to my single player server on Minecraft?

You can do that by Downloading the client Hamachi and creating a ip network on there, But the person who you want to add also needs Hamachi. If you and the other people are all using the same Network/Internet connection than you hit "esc" than click on connect to LAN Than it should pop up in there multiplayer thingy.

How do you host a server in minecraft with hamachi?

Hamachi is used in place of port forwarding, which allows several people to connect to one IP. Hamachi, on the other hand, creates a mesh network where sever IPs join one virtual IP created by one computer. Here's how you make a Hamachi server: 1) Follow all the steps of creating a Minecraft server until port forwarding is requires (if you want a simple Minecraft server, which is recommended because only 5 people can join the server one one mesh network, but you can also set up multiple mesh networks so more people can join, download it from, under Play Minecraft in the Download section). 2) Download LogMeIn Hamachi (unmanaged), install the package, run the program, and set it up. If not already turned on, press the power button, it should say something like probing, etc. Once that is done, go to network, and then click on create a new new network. Set up a network ID (name) and a password if your Minecraft server is going to be a Private server. 3) This step is optional. Start up your server, test it with localhost, and see if the server runs on a separate computer (see step 4 to see how). 4) If you want other people to join your server, then they will have to join your Hamachi network (give them the ID and password), this is crucial. Without it, they can't join. Then, give them the server IP. The Hamachi program must be on and running for them to join. 5) Enjoy your Minecraft Server! (Note: Make sure you set up your Minecraft Server and Hamachi Network on the same computer.)

What does hamachi and non hamachie mean on a habbo retro?

Hamachi is a network which can only be connected with a network Username; Aka Network Id + a password.

How to play on Yuri's revenge network?

you can use hamachi or even tunnugle my network on hamachi is user is :: REDo pass is :: 123

How do you log into a hamachi account?

go on to it says network then it say create a new network for a example harrya1 and put password atthemoon this is not my hamachi network

What is hamachi?

Hamachi is a program that allows an individual to easily create a virtual private network between multiple machines. Edit: Good for example playing pirated games in multiplayer with your friends

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