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There are two things you could do to play online with your friends on minecraft. Firstly, you need to buy an account. Then, you could either make a Minecraft server Then you tell them to get a hamachi download, and they open it up, go to network, then join an existing network..., then they type in your Network ID, and password (if you have one), and the final step is to tell them your server IP, so they can play! This is if you want to play with your friends alone--with only them.

Another option is to play on a pre-made server with a whole bunch of other strangers.

And you can just tell your friends the IP of the server and you can play together. (the server type that I would recommend for this option is a faction server (this means that there are some sorts of clans, and you can fight others with your clan-which could include your friends-and it's a whole lot of fun!)

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Q: How do you play online with your friends on Minecraft?
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How do you play minecraft online with random people?

Simply click "Multiplayer" then do "direct connect" or "add server" and type in a server IP. From there, you can play with friends and family on a Minecraft server.

Does Minecraft PlayStation 3 Edition have to have a certain TV to play 2 players?

No all you have to do is just invite one of your friends to play (online only)

Who will play Minecraft with you?

You will need to invite your friends or other console user members to play Minecraft with you.

Where can you play minecraft online?


Do you have to be online to play minecraft?

No, you can play offline. Unless, of course, you want to play with someone online.

How can I play minecraft online for free without downloading it?

There is currently no way to legally play minecraft without downloading it or purchasing it from a store. Borrowing a friends copy or account may be the best solution if you do not have money to purchase it yourself.

Is Minecraft not an online game to play?

Minecraft can be played online or offline. When you play online, you need Internet connection and you can play with other people. When you play offline, you don't need Internet connection but you can only play by yourself.

Where can 1 find online Minecraft?

go to the minecraft website and play online or host your own world

Where can you buy Minecraft for wii online?

The Wii cannot play minecraft legally.

Who plays minecraft and wnats to be my friend?

Many people all around the world play Minecraft. To find friends to play with, you should create a Minecraft blog.

Do minecraft giftcodes allow you to go online?

Yes minecraft giftcodes activate the full premium version of minecraft so you can play online Have Fun:)

Why cant i play minecraft online whenever i try to play online it says bad login?

You just need to restart minecraft its a glitch that sometimes happens.