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When you have a Pokemon you want copied, go to your computer, into Bill's PC, and open a new box. Put the Pokemon you want into copy into that box. Then click on the switch boxes and after it says it will save when you switch boxes say yes. Now timing is key, click a different empty box and before it switches, turn off the game. You will now have two of the same Pokemon for yourself!

I've done it on red blue and yellow version when these games came out. it does work and does nothing to your game. same as cloning items.

P.S. this can also destroy your file if the game catches you repeating this.

if you really want to take the risk. its up to you

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Q: How do you clone a Pokemon in the blue version?
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How do you clone Pokemon in Pokemon ruby version?

Sry to say it but you can't. You can only clone Pokemon in Emerald.

Can you clone Pokemon in ruby version?


How do you clone items on Pokemon diamond version without action replay WiFi connection and on the Australian version?

to clone an item you need to put that item being held by a Pokemon and clone the Pokemon, how you clone i don't know...

How do you clone Pokemon on Pokemon Blue?

you can't, sorry, you can only clone on emerald.

Pokemon Blue coloning?

you cant clone Pokemon on sapphire ------ Or Blue. =D

What is a dome fossil in Pokemon Blue?

It can be used to clone a pokemon.

How do you clone Pokemon on ruby version?

u cant

Can you clone items in emrald version?

yes you do the same thing as you do to clone Pokemon but make the Pokemon you are cloning hold a item

Is it possible to clone Pokemon on Pokemon Sapphire version?

Yes, only with a dito.

How can you get the strongest Pokemon ever on Pokemon emerald version?

clone rare candies

How can you clone your Pokemon on Pokemon plationum version?

find a ditto and put put that and your Pokemon in the daycare.

How do you clone Pokemon on emerald version?

I didn't know you could.