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It can be used to clone a pokemon.

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Q: What is a dome fossil in Pokemon Blue?
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Which pokemon is the dome fossil?

Kabuto is the dome fossil

What pokemon does the Dome Fossil turn into in Pokemon FireRed?

The Dome Fossil can be revived into the pokemon kabuto.

What pokemon is in the dome fossil in pokemon fire red?

Kabuto is in the dome fossil and Omanyte is in the helix fossil.

What pokemon is in a dome fossil?

Kabuto can be resurrected from a Dome Fossil.

How do you get the dome fossil after you already picked the helix fossil in Pokemon yellow?

You can't to get kabuto trade from blue or red.

What pokemon do you get from the dome fossil in pokemon leaf green?

The dome fossil, when revived, will become Kabuto.

What is the helix fossil on Pokemon Blue?

When you clone the helix fossil later on in the game, the Helix Fossil can be regenerated into an Omanyte. The Dome fossil can be regenerated into a Kabuto.

What is in the dome fossil in Pokemon Red?

When revived, the Dome Fossil will be Kabuto.

Is there a legendey Pokemon in mount moon in Pokemon?

no but you can get a dome fossil or helix fossil the dome fossil is kabuto and the helix is omyante

In game boy Pokemon Blue version what is the difference between the dome or helix fossils?

The Dome Fossil is revived in Cinnarbar Island into a Kabuto. The Helix Fossil is revived into a Omanyte.

Where can you find kabuto's fossil in Pokemon Blue?

In the first cave I think, you can either choose the Dome or Helix Fossil from the one guy you beat who finds them.

Where do you get a dome fossil in Pokemon platinum?

you have to dig for a long time in the walls in the underground and you will dig a dome fossil