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you use a blue Flute to wake it up.after its awake you battle it.

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Q: How do you move the first sleeping Pokemon in Pokemon Blue version?
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Where are the sleeping pokémon in blue version?

The sleeping pokemon, Snorlax, can be found on routes 12 & 16 and can only be captured after waking it up with a poke-flute.

What is the first Pokemon game ever made?

It was the Red version with Charzard on it and the Blue version with Blastiose on it! (:

Blue flute Pokemon Emerald?

The blue flute wakes up sleeping pokemon

What Pokemon are only in blue version?

The first 150 Pokèmon in the Pokèdex numerically.

When did the pokemon games come out?

Pokemon games were first released in 1995 starting with the Red and Blue versions and the Japan exclusive Green version which is the exact game as the North American Blue version.

Where can you download Pokemon Blue version for free? is the first place I'd go to.

Blue flute in Pokemon emerald do?

Blue Flute - Awakens sleeping pokemons

Where to get Syther in Pokemon Blue version?

Syther is not available in Blue version and must be transferred from Red version.

Can you get Pokemon Blue version on a wii?


Trading Pokemon from blue version to ruby version?

not possible

Which franchise is the character 'Meowth' from?

The Pokemon character 'Meowth' is from the Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokemon franchise. Meowth first appeared in Pokemon Blue as a version exclusive Pokemon.

What is the first version of the Pokemon games?

No. Pokemon Red and Blue came first, with your starters being the usual Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, while Yellow came with Pikachu, who expressis His/Her/Its fellings with pictures that come on screen when you talk to Him/Her/It.