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moltres is at the victory road

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Q: How do you get to moltres in Pokemon Blue version?
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Is moltres at the end of victory road in Pokemon Blue?

No, Moltres is not at the end of victory road in Pokemon Blue version. Moltres is on a completely separate island from the main Kanto region, so you must surf out to an island where Moltres is.

What is the health of Moltres in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon blue version?

It is lv 32, with 400 hp.

What Pokemon are in the gold version of Mount silver?

in gold there are lots of different types also the legendary pokemon moltres plus trainer blue

What are the rare Pokemon at blue version?

articuno zapdos moltres and mewtwo but you can also find mew, without gameshark or anything.

How do you get moltres in pearl version?

You don't. Moltres is only found in Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen and as a roaming Pokemon in Platinum.

How do you get to Moltres in Pokemon SoulSilver version?

Mt. Silver.

Where is Moltres in Pokemon Blue?

Victory road.

What level should you be to beat moltres in Pokemon Blue?

the Pokemon have levels not you

Where do you catch Moltres in Pokemon Heartgold Version?

mt. silver

How do you get Moltres in Pokemon Blue?

Somewhere in Victory Road.

How do you catch moltres Pokemon Blue?

In victory road

If you miss Moltres on Pokemon red is there anyway you can go back to catch him or any Pokemon located in-game for that matter?

If you miss catching any legendary you can't get one unless you have another version trade you the ones you didn't catch Example: Since you missed Moltres then have Blue or Yellow give you a Moltres.