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You can't always get master balls in any version of Pokemon, or so I've heard. You usually get a master ball once, unless you either clone it or look for it all around the Pokemon world. My advice to whoever wrote this question, don't use the master ball until the time is just right!

Okayy... now look over here and not at that useless JUNK!

To get masterballs in sapphire and ruby is the " Lucky Number thing " also in silver gold and crystal version you can clone the Pokemon. To clone them look at like " How to clone Pokemon in silver version " or something... anyway and in the Diamond and pearl you can clone too. idk how to obtain masterballs in red blue green and yellow version and idk about platinum too. but this... is all i no.

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Q: How do you get more master balls on Pokemon sapphire version?
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Can you buy master balls at the pokemart after you beat sapphire version?


Where do you find masterballs in Pokemon sapphire for gba?

you cant get sapphire master balls i thinck

Where can you buy a master ball on Pokemon sapphire?

Master balls cannot be bought in any Pokemon game.

How do you get a Quick Ball in Pokemon Sapphire Version?

Quick balls don't exist in sapphire.

How do you get a unlimited supply of master balls on Pokemon sapphire?

with cheat code.

Is there only one Master Ball in Pokemon Sapphire Version?

Technically there's infinite master balls because you can win one from the lottery in lilycove city in the dept store.

Inf master balls on Pokemon sapphire gameshark?

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Where and how to clone Master balls in Pokemon sapphire?

give a Pokemon the masterball and put it in the daycare with a ditto then it will be cloned!!!!!!

Where are the locations of master balls on Pokemon sapphire?

your get from team aqua or team magma i think

How do you get unlimited master balls in Pokemon sapphire game - shark code?

123 don't trip

Can you get 999 master balls on Pokemon sapphire?

1.Action Replay2.gameshark3.codebreakerthat is all

How do you get more master balls in pokemon white version?

action replay