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go or fly to veilstone city then go south (down) as far as you can go then go east (right) and you will see some meteorites. then press the A button and one of them will say 'toutching the meteorite heigtened the offensive capabilities of a certain Pokemon (deoxys)'

then go to birth island and catch it

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Q: How do you change Deoxys into attack form without trading?
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Which Braille cave do you have to go to get Deoxys Attack form?

Currently there are no Braille caves you can interact with to change Deoxys' form. To get an Attack Form Deoxys you need to trade one from Pokemon FireRed. This is due to Deoxys' default form being different between the GBA Pokemon games. This mechanic was likely put in to encourage trading between the games. In every game since Pokemon Emerald there has been a way, usually a meteorite, that will let you change the form of your Deoxys.

How do Deoxys change form?

You have to have a deoxys in your party. Then go to Veilstone City. Go to the meteorites in the holes. Touch one of the meteorites. Press A and check your deoxys. If I'm right, your deoxys will be a different form. A meteorite has a different form, one will be special attack, attack, defense, or a speed form. I learned this by having my deoxys in my party and touching the meteorite.

What do the meteorites do in Pokemon pearl?

If you bring a deoxys to any of them it will change its form in favor of its attack, defense, speed, or normal.

WHere do you find Deoxys' meteriods?

In veilstone city at the east there will be four meteorits that each have the ability to change the form of deoxys that are: (attack form), (defense form), (speed form), (normal form).

Where to find deoxyes on Pokemon diamond?

You have to Migrate from Fire Red, Leaf Green or Emerald. Or you can use the Action Replay Modifier Code. Also by touching the Meteorites' at the South East of Veilstone City with Deoxys in your Party you can change Deoxys into 4 new forms. Below are the forms. Top Meteorite- Speed Deoxys Middle Meteorite- Change Back to Normal Deoxys Bottom left Meteorite- Attack Deoxys Bottom Right Meteorite- Defense Deoxys

How does Deoxys change forms?

Deoxys (Referenced As Pokemon #386 In The National Pokedex) changes forms via a variety of methods. In Ruby and Sapphire Deoxys will appear in Normal form, In LeafGreen it is shown in its defense form, FireRed shows the Pokemon in its Attack form and Emerald Shows it in its Speed form. Diamond, Pearl and Platiunum versions, Deoxys can be changed by increasing any of its Speed, Attack or Defense stats to change it to that specific type. To return it to normal type all stats need to be even/level. With HeartGold and SoulSilver Deoxys can be changed by coming into contact with certain meteorites in one of the main cities.

Can you change Deoxes in HeartGold?

To Change Deoxys's Form You Need To Go to The Southwest Part Of Route 3,with Deoxys In Your Party,Stand Near The Top-Left Meteorite To Change Its Form To Normal,Top-Right For Attack Form,Bottom-Left is Defense Form,And Bottom-Right For Speed Form.

How does deyoxys change form on Pokemon pearl?

Go to Veilstone City and interact with 1 of the meteorites there, that'll change Deoxys' form into Attack, Defense, Speed or Normal Forme.

What are the Pokémon you get by trading on Pokémon indigo?

Here are all the Pokemon you must get by trading. Alakazam, Machamp, Rhyperior, Gengar, Golem, Arceus, Leafeon, Mothim, Manaphy, Phione, Jirachi, Heatran, Deoxys, Regigigas, Groudon. These are subject to change.

How do you use an evaluation stone in Pokemon crater?

to use this sone you must have Deoxys then take it to the craters and have it touch one it will change forms, it will change into speed,defense,attack,or somthing else. - AcidBurn

What are the locations of the asteroids to change the form of Deoxys in pearl?

you have to go to veilstone city and there are 4 forms of deoxys: speed def attack normal if you go to the metorite in the pits there have deoxys in your party and if you press a at it it will make deoxys cry and it will say it will increase the offense defrense or speed or it will say it blanced them out and it will become normal. PS if you no how to glitch or hack Pokemon Sapphire email me at

What are the rocks for in vielstone city for Pokemon platinum?

They are meteorites that are said to have fallen from space. Some will have items. They are used to change the form of Deoxys. speed, defence, attack and normal.