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go to Narcene City Museum and on the left there is a meteor press the A button on your DS it will change Deoxys form

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use the meteors at Nacrene city i think

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Q: How do you change Deoxys form on Pokemon white?
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Where are the mertors on Pokemon SoulSilver?

They change deoxys form

Where are the astroids to change Deoxys form on Pokemon pearl?

Veilstone City.

Which Braille cave do you have to go to get Deoxys Attack form?

Currently there are no Braille caves you can interact with to change Deoxys' form. To get an Attack Form Deoxys you need to trade one from Pokemon FireRed. This is due to Deoxys' default form being different between the GBA Pokemon games. This mechanic was likely put in to encourage trading between the games. In every game since Pokemon Emerald there has been a way, usually a meteorite, that will let you change the form of your Deoxys.

Does Deoxys evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

No, it never evolves, but you can change it's form on Pokemon diamond/pearl.

What type of Pokemon is deoxys?

The Deoxys is a Pokemon on the popular TV show Pokemon. It is a Psychic Pokemon which stands at 5ft 7 inches tall. It weighs about 134 lbs. Lastly its ability is pressure. -

If you cannot find deoxys in Pokemon RubySapphire then why is there a special form of deoxys for that game?

When you trade Deoxys it becomes its normal form

Where is the spaceship area in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

there is no spaceship area but if you are wanting to change the form of your Deoxys it is at veilstone city . Just have your Deoxys in your party and click a on them. I hoped this helps if you have or will ever have a Deoxys in Pokemon diamond pearl OR platinum :D

Where are the asteroids to change Deoxys form on Pokemon pearl?

In Veilstone City. The south-east of Veilstone city.

How do you change Deoxys form in Pokemon pearl?

In Veilstone city. There should be 4 meteorites on the east side of town. If done correctly it should say Touching the meteorite balanced out the attributes of a certain Pokemon. That Pokemon is Deoxys.

Pokemon sapphire how do you change Deoxys forms?

You can't change it's form in the third gen games, it changes depending on the game - sapphire is normal form.

What are the fastest Pokemon?

Deoxys speed form

What do the meteorites do in Pokemon pearl?

If you bring a deoxys to any of them it will change its form in favor of its attack, defense, speed, or normal.