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get all the bags then

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Q: How do we get pass the guard in the silph co's building in Pokemon gold?
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Where can you get the upgrade on Pokemon Gold?

in the silph co. building.

How do you get into silph co office building in Pokemon gold?

In Pokemon Gold, Team Rocket has been defeated and the Silph Co. office building is mostly empty. The player can go inside and find an Upgrade item however.

How do you get the guy to move in the silph co in Pokemon gold?

You can't.

How do you get trecko in Pokemon hearrt gold?

You can receive it from Steven in Silph.

How do you enter silph co in Pokemon gold?

Go to saffron in kanto and it is somewhere behind the pokemon center

What is the big building in saffron city in heart gold and soul silver?

It is the silph company.

How do you get silph scope in gold?

There is no silph scope in gold version.

Where is steven in Pokemon heart gold so you can get the the hoen starters?

Steven is in Silph Co. in Saffron city

Where in silph co is steven in Pokemon heart gold?

In HeartGold and SoulSilver, you can access the 1st floor of Silph Co. as soon as you enter Saffron City however you can't go into the elevator in order to get to the 2nd floor unless you have a Rotom as your lead Pokemon.

How do you get to Hoenn on Pokemon HeartGold?

You cannot get to Hoenn in Heartgold as it is a remake of the generation 2 game, Pokemon Gold and the only regions available in Heartgold are Johto and Kanto. You can however, obtain one of the three Hoenn starters by visiting a man from Hoenn at the Silph Co. building in Saffron City.

Where is lapras in the rockets hideout in Pokemon Gold?

It seems like your talking about Pokemon Red rather than Pokemon Gold because in Pokemon Red,Lapras is in the Rockets hideout in Silph Co in Saffron City where i believe your given Lapras by someone (Bill??) near the top of the building... But in Pokemon Gold,Lapras is found deep in Union Cave which is between Violet City and Azalea town, But the Lapras is only there on Friday Mornings,so if you go there any other time the Lapras won't be there...

How do you get the silph scope in Pokemon Gold?

its the same as crystal version , first you need to get in team rocket hidout in ecruteak city go every door where in a door then there is a stair going down battle all team rocket a man will say "oh! i drop my silph scope" then youll get itYou can't obtain the silph scope in Pokemon heartgold.