How can you use a pokewalker?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well you can put it on your belt. Or in your pocket. If you run around with it, you get steps. And if you get a certain amount of steps, you can get watts. Watts help you catch Pokemon and find items. The finding Pokemon is really called Poke Radar. And the item finder is really called Dowsing. You can also connect with other people that have the PokeWalker. You can only connect once a day though. To access the Dowsing Machine, you must have at least 3 watts. For the Poke Radar you must at least have 10 watts. You also may go on Settings and change the settings of the sound or the shade of light. You also can look at your Trainer Card. It may allow you to see what route your on, It shows you name, and it also show what time it is. If you press the right button on the PokeWalker if your on Trainer Card, you can see how many steps you've taken in all, Total Days, and it keeps track of how many steps you've took from a weekly view. I think that wraps up everything.

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Q: How can you use a pokewalker?
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Do you have to use the pokewalker in HeartGold?

Yes,you must use the Pokewalker when you're not playing both games.

When can you use the pokewalker?

Anywhere, anytime. As long as your pokewalker is motion, it will gain points.

Is the pokewalker compatible with Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum?

Unfortunately, no. You can only use the pokewalker with Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

Can you use the pokewalker in black and white?

No, You Cannot use it in B&W.

On Pokemon heart gold it say your pokewalker is already registered what does that mean?

It means the pokewalker is registered to another game already and you cannot use it. Only one pokewalker per game, no sharing.

How do you use the pokewalker in SoulSilver?

On the Main Screen go down to connect to pokewalker,and on the pokewalker press connect.Before you do that put them down on a hard surface,press the button then don't touch them until the transfer is complet.

How do you use you pokewalker in pokefarm?

well, you download the program first, then start it up. to log in, use your pokefarm username and password. after typing in your username, press enter to type your password. then you use the arrow keys on the pokewalker to control it.

I can't get new pokewalker routes?

You have to get a lot of watts on the first route and when you're taking your Pokemon out of the Pokewalker, it should say on the top screen how many watts till next route. When you get watts on the Pokewalker, don't use them all.

How do you get pokewalker in soul silver?

You cant get pokewalker in soulsilver when you buy it you get it at gamestop in the box is the pokewalker

How do you use a Pokewalker?

You click the big button in the middle to turn it on and to put a Pokemon on it go to the main screen where you usually click your file but don't and go down to "Connect To Pokewalker" then you will click"go for a stroll" then click the pokemonyou want and it will be on your pokewalker. You walk around with your pokewalker and it gets watts and watts buy you different paths

How do you put the clip on the pokewalker?

You unscrew the original back of the pokewalker OFF of the pokewalker, then replace it with the back with the clip.

How many areas in a pokewalker?

there are 27 areas in the pokewalker.