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You get to Sunyshore City by getting to the Spear Pillar in Mt. Coronet. Defeat the Team Galactic members, then talk to Dialga. Catch it, or defeat it for experience fly dialga points. I suggest catching it, you can't get it after you defeat it unless you trade. If you want, after catching it, go to the back of the place where Dialga stood. There will be a poke ball. Inside it is an item for Dialga. Get out of Mt. Coronet, and head toward Sunyshore. Be sure to go the correct way, though at first. get/ kill dialga. fly 2 pastoria. go 2 route 213 the go 2 route 222 find ur way past the trainers and ur in sunyshore city.

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Q: How can you get to Sunyshore City in Diamond?
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Where is the eighth gym leader in diamond?

In sunyshore city

Where is it sunny in Pokemon Diamond?

It is sunny in Sunyshore City.

How do you get into sunyshore city on Pokemon diamond?

you have to get dialga after you could go to sunnyshore city.

How do you battle volkner sunyshore city in Pokemon diamond?

Go up to the Lighthouse in Sunyshore City. You should see him there. Talk to him and then return to the Gym.

Where can you get a water stone in Pokemon Diamond?

In Diamond, you can obtain a Water Stone in the underground in Sunyshore City.

What is the location of the eighth gym in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Sunyshore City

Where is the 8thgymleader on diamond version?

It is in Sunyshore City.(West of the hotel place)

Were to get the move surf in Pokemon diamond?

Jasmine on the beach in Sunyshore City.

In Pokemon Diamond which is first Spear Pillar or Sunyshore City?

spear pillar on diamond, pearl, and platinum.

Where is the light house in Pokemon Diamond?

Sunyshore city, where the last gym badge will be.

When will the blackout end in Sunyshore City diamond?

after you beat Cyrusin the distortion world

How do you unlock sunyshore city in Pokemon pearl?

To unlock Sunyshore City in Pokémon Pearl and Diamond you have to beat Team Galactic. They can be found at Mt. Coronet.