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It is sunny in Sunyshore City.

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Q: Where is it sunny in Pokemon Diamond?
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How do you get to sunny shore on Pokemon Diamond?

to get to sunny shore in Pokemon diamond you need to catch dialga at spear pillar

In Pokemon Diamond at sunny shores city how do you get to the rock that is a Pokemon?

its for decoration

How do you get to sunny shore city on pokemon diamond?

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Where in Sunny shore City is Cyrus in Pokemon diamond?

he will appear at random in his grandparents house!

Sunny shore city?

Sunny Shore City is a location in the games Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum. The city is powered by solar energy.

What do you do if the Sunny Shore Gym Leader isn't there in Pokemon Diamond?

go to light house and find him

How do you get a Sunny Stone in Pokemon Diamond?

You can get a sun stone by digging underground using your Explorers Kit.

How can i make a road to sunny store city is open in Pokemon diamond?

top of mt. coronet get dialga

How do you get to sunny shore city in Pokemon diamond version for Nintendo dsi XL?

You have to have the 7 Gym Badges.

Does Cherrim evolve twice in Pokemon diamond?

no it changes forms not that it evolves it only when the weather is sunny or if it uses sunny day it changes forms like castform

Does cherrim have to be in bright sun to change in Pokemon diamond?

Cherrim can only change when a Pokemon uses sunny day or Groudon's ability activates. Cherrim's appearance goes back to normal after the battle or when sunny day's effect wears out.

Were do you find water fall Pokemon platinum?

in Pokemon diamond i got waterfall from a girl in sunny shore city ( the girl was on bottom floor north) hope it help:)