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You can get a sun stone by digging underground using your Explorers Kit.

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Q: How do you get a Sunny Stone in Pokemon Diamond?
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Can you tell me where a Sunny Stone is in Pokemon Diamond?

if you go to iron island , when you are in the last part of the cave befor going back to the start there is a item , pick it up and you just obtained the sunny stone

How do you get to sunny shore on Pokemon Diamond?

to get to sunny shore in Pokemon diamond you need to catch dialga at spear pillar

Where is it sunny in Pokemon Diamond?

It is sunny in Sunyshore City.

In Pokemon Diamond at sunny shores city how do you get to the rock that is a Pokemon?

its for decoration

Where do you find a thunder stone in diamond?

Sunny shore city

What is the best stone in Pokemon diamond?

thunder stone

Where to find a moon stone in Pokemon diamond?

The moon stone is used in Pokemon Diamond to evolve certain Pokemon. You can find one by looking in the Underground.

How do you get to sunny shore city on pokemon diamond?

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Where can you get a water stone in Pokemon Diamond?

In Diamond, you can obtain a Water Stone in the underground in Sunyshore City.

Where is the rock stone in Pokemon diamond?

There is no such thing as a rock stone.

What stone do you use on clefariy in Pokemon diamond?

moon stone

How do you get a leaf stone in Pokemon Diamond?

You get a leaf stone underground.