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Only the Spell card Darkness Approaches can flip a monster into face-down Attack position. By discarding two cards, Darkness Approaches lets you flip one face-up monster face-down without changing the battle position (so a monster may end up in face-down Attack position).

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Q: How can a monster be in face-down Attack position?
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Can a monster attack right after you switch?

If you switch it from attack position to defence position you can't because no monster can attack from defence position except from "Total defence shogun". But if you switch it from defence position to attack position then you can attack

Can you attack with 'Golem Sentry' and then flip him facedown?

A monster can't manually change battle position on the turn it declared an attack, but it can still be flipped face-down by an effect. Golem Sentry can attack, then activate its effect in main phase 2 and flip itself face down.

When a monster attacks a facedown monster is that flip summon?

No, a 'Flip Summon' is a manual change from face-down defence to face-up attack position in one of your main phases. If the monster is flipped from an attack, or by an effect, then this is a Flip, but not a Flip Summon. Therefore regular Flip Effect monsters like Night Assailant will trigger from being attacked, but monsters that require Flip Summoning like Guardian Sphinx will not.

What happens if a monster is to be put to face-down attack position in Yu-Gi-Oh?

There is only one card capable of putting a monster into face-down attack positon; Darkness Approaches.A monster in face-down attack position can't declare an attack, and when Flip Summoned, goes into face-up attack position.

In yugioh what happens if your monster attacks a monster with the same attack power?

Assuming the defending monster is also in attack position, both monsters will be destroyed.

In Yu-Gi-Oh if you attack a monster stronger than you do you get destroyed?

Yes. If your monster is in attack position and you attack a monster that has more attack points than yours, your monster is destroyed and you take Battle Damage to your Life Points equal to the difference between your opponent's monster's Attack Points and your monster's Attack Points.

Can a Monster who was switched fom attack position to defense position by a card's effect be switched back by the owner?

It depends.If the Monster declares an attack or already attacked and it is switched to defense position by a card effect (like Enemy Controller or Book of Moon for example) the Monster's position cannot be changed by you, the controller, because it declared an attack already. A Monster's position cannot be changed by their controller for the rest of a turn after they declared attacked with it.If the Monster did not attack yet this turn and their position is changed due to a card effect, it can be changed by the controller.

How does a face-down Attack position monster work?

A monster in face-down Attack position is unable to declare attacks. It can be flipped or Flip Summoned, both actions will switch it into face-up Attack position. It can also have its battle position change by the controlling player, switching it from face-down Attack position to face-down Defence position.

Can you change your monster's battle position again after changing it with a card effect?

As long as that monster has not declared an attack, or manually changed battle position already that turn, or was summoned on the turn, then yes. If you'd just summoned the monster, or declared an attack with it, or changed it from defence to attack position, then if Book of Moon or Enemy Controller is used, then you can't manually change that monster's position until your next turn.

When you flip a monster in attack mode and not attack can you switch it to defense position after?

Yes if you wait a turn

In Yugioh what happens if your monster which is weaker attacks a monster that is stronger Do you lose life points and the monster is destroyed or is it just your life points?

Your monster is destroyed if the monster you attack is in attack position, and you lose life points.

If you use a monster to attack and your opponent uses Windstorm of Etaqua does the attack still happen in Yu-Gi-Oh?

No the attack would not happen because they would no longer have a monster in attack position to attack with.

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