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A monster in face-down Attack position is unable to declare attacks. It can be flipped or Flip Summoned, both actions will switch it into face-up Attack position. It can also have its battle position change by the controlling player, switching it from face-down Attack position to face-down Defence position.

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Q: How does a face-down Attack position monster work?
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Will Torrential Tribute work when you normal summon a monster on your field?

Yes it will work also it can work with special and tribute summons as well it will also work if the oppenent plays a monster on his-her side of the field

How does Medusa Worm the Yu-Gi-Oh card work?

oh, this is one of my favorite cards! if you flip summon it, you can destroy one monster, then you can flip it face down again so you can do it again next turn. its realy good in an earth deck like mine! but i is not like man eater bug. you have to flip it, not have a monster attack it. its not a flip effect monster. -lone wolf

In Yu-gi-oh if a monster card says that it is not affected by traps but the trap card says that it inflicts damage to the opponent does the trap card still work?

The Trap Card will only work if it does not specifically involve the monster with the effect. For example, if you attack with Elemental Hero Wildheart (who is not affected by the effects of Trap Cards), and your opponent activates Magic Cylinder(who targets Elemental Hero Wildheart) the effect of Magic Cylinder disappears as it must be able to negate the attack before inflicting the damage. Note that this is only because the Damage Inflicting portion of Magic Cylinderis its secondary effect meaning that the Damage Infliction depends on the ability for Magic Cylinder to negate the attack. If it was listed first, then the damage would be dealt, but the attack would not be negated.

How does the Quick-play 'Inferno Reckless Summon' work?

Basically, when you special summon a monster with 1500 or less ATK with cards like marauding captain, call of the haunted, or monster reborn, you can activate this card when your opponent has a face-up monster to special summon all copies of that monster. Your opponent can special summon all copies of his monster too, but that's a rare chance IMO.

How does a Club Penguin mop work?

mop are to clean your floors! add cutiepie558911 and 123awesomeoucho on moshi monster

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Does soul exchange work on a face down monster?

yes it does. any monster, whatever position, would work

How does mirror force work?

"Mirror Force" is a card in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. It is a Trap card can only be activated when your opponent attack with their monster on their turn. The effect of the card destroys all of your opponent's face-up attack position monsters. (It does not negate the attack, the attacking monster is destroyed and removed from the field so the attack simply "disappears.")

Can a monsters effect that works on defense position monsters work on face down position monsters?

The field spell wont work on the card as long as it remains face down but as soon as it is flipped up either by your own work or a monster attacking then the field spell effect comes into play and gives your card and extra boost in attack and defense points

Does a monster being in face up defence potion affect how their effect works?

No, it shouldn't, unless it says something along the lines of: "if this card is in face up attack position; ...<add effect here.>" In most cases, it doesn't change, though. If it is a flip effect, it means that the monster must be flip summoned to make the effect work. In other words, play the card in face down defense position, then flip it over to face up attack position on your next turn. Card flip effects are activated if the card is attacked while in face down position.

How does raging cloudian work?

Activate only when a “Cloudian” monster(s) you control is destroyed by its own effect and sent to the Graveyard. Special Summon 1 of those monsters from your Graveyard in Attack Position and place 1 Fog Counter on it. It cannot be changed to Defense Position by a card effect... personally I don't get it either.

How does confusion chaff work in Yu-Gi-Oh?

What Confusion Chaff Does is When you are about to take a Second Direct attack During the Same Battle Phase, you can play this card, and The monster that is attacking and the monster that has attacked (The one that gave you the First Direct Attack) are forced to battle. Also, it stops any other effects (Spells, Traps & Monster Effects) Activating during this battle.

How does Sakuretsu Armor work?

Let's say you have "Sakuretsu Armor" face-down on your field and your opponent attacks you with their monster.When your opponent declares or states they are attacking with a specific monster, whether they are attack a monster you control or your Life Points directly, you may activate "Sakuretsu Armor". "Sakuretsu Armor" destroys the attacking monster and the attack is over.There are a few important things to note when using this card:If the opponent chains "SA" with a Spell/ Trap that flips the attacking monster face-down, when the chain resolves the monster will not be destroyed.If the opponent chains "SA" with a Spell/ Trap that changes the battle position of the attacking monster but it is till face-up, when the chain resolves the monster will still be destroyed. verified with yu-gi-oh wiki which has the tcg rules on that are the official rules.

If I use the monster Wall Of Illusion to attack a monster with ATK higher than Wall Ill will the effect work if my monster is sent to the the graveyard during that battle?

No, it only works if wall of illusion is attacked, even if wall of illusion is destroyed after being attacked the effect still activates.

How do you get Easter egg in monster kingdom jewel summoner?

besombrely the dark and attack the egg and lose 200 points then sacrifice it then play ancient gear beast and attack with 3900 points but if that did not work play invasion of the flames

Does the Monster Cable Monster Standard THX I100-20 work on a Sony 52" Plasma?

The Monster Cable Monster Standard THX I100-20 will work with a Sony 52" Plasma.

Will rockstar tabs count for monster tabs?

No only Monster Energy tabs work

Will Torrential Tribute work when you normal summon a monster on your field?

Yes it will work also it can work with special and tribute summons as well it will also work if the oppenent plays a monster on his-her side of the field