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A monster can't manually change battle position on the turn it declared an attack, but it can still be flipped face-down by an effect. Golem Sentry can attack, then activate its effect in main phase 2 and flip itself face down.

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2010-05-20 12:54:37
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Q: Can you attack with 'Golem Sentry' and then flip him facedown?
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When a monster attacks a facedown monster is that flip summon?

No, a 'Flip Summon' is a manual change from face-down defence to face-up attack position in one of your main phases. If the monster is flipped from an attack, or by an effect, then this is a Flip, but not a Flip Summon. Therefore regular Flip Effect monsters like Night Assailant will trigger from being attacked, but monsters that require Flip Summoning like Guardian Sphinx will not.

If a Yugioh card is flipped by battle is it considered a summon?

No, it is not considered a Summon. Therefore, the effects of cards such as Golem Sentry are not activated as it requires the card to be FLIP SUMMONED. However, it is considered to be "flipped" meaning that Flip Effect Monsters' effects are activated when successfully attacked.

Can you summon a card in attack mode then switch to face down defense mode?

Generally no, a card cannot be manually switched to face-down Defense Position after it is Summoned on the field in face-up Attack Position. There are some cards that allow you to switch it into face-down Defense Position as an EFFECT. For example: Golem Sentry.Golem SentryEARTH/Rock/Lv 4/EffectATK: 800DEF: 1800You can flip this card into face-down Defense Position once per turn. When this card is Flip Summoned successfully, return 1 monster on your opponent''s side of the field to the owner''s hand.With cards such as Golem Sentry, you can Normal Summon it and activate its effect, flipping it face-down in Defense Position, in the same turn.

When you flip a monster in attack mode and not attack can you switch it to defense position after?

Yes if you wait a turn

I had a heart attack in my widow makernow my heart flip flops sometimesy and what is a flip wave ekg?

If you have had a heart attack and have flip waves in your EKG, it means your EKG is abnormal. Inverted waves are a sign that you have ischemia which means there is a decrease in O2.

Can you flip summon magician of faith and use its flip effect and then attack?

Assuming the Magician of Faith was set a previous turn, then yes, that's legal. You can flip summon it in Main Phase 1, triggering its flip effect. This in no way stops it, or any other monster declaring an attack in the Battle Phase.

I had a heart attack in my widow makernow my heart flip flops sometimesy and what is a flip wave ekg-?

There is nothing like flip wave ekg. Please rephrase your question.

Can you flip summon a monster then attack with it?

the answer is yes you can. unless the flip summoned monster's effect destroys it or prevents attacking. You can only attack if you flipped in Main Phase 1, you can't after your battle phase

How do you Flip Summon a monster?

You may Flip Summon as many face-down monsters on your turn as you wish in your Main Phases when no card effects are in a chain. To Flip Summon, all you do is flip your monster from face-down Defense position into face-up Attack position.However, you can't Flip Summon a monster that you had summoned or set in the same turn. (So, if you summon a monster and a card effect flips it face-down, you can't Flip Summon it in the same turn). You also can't Flip Summon a monster that declared an attack that turn. (So, if your monster declared an attack and your opponent activated Book of Moon, then you can't Flip Summon your face-down monster in Main Phase 2.)

How is the first ball decided on in soccer?

A coin flip. The winner of the flip gets to choose direction of attack and the other team gets the starting kick-off.

Can a monster attack on the turn it is summoned in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yes, a monster can attack the turn it is Normal, Flip, or Special Summoned unless it says otherwise.

Is activating a flip effect and targeting an opponent's monster considered declaring an attack in Yu-Gi-Oh?

No, this is considered targeting an opponent's monster with a card effect, not an attack.

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