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Yes. If your monster is in attack position and you attack a monster that has more attack points than yours, your monster is destroyed and you take Battle Damage to your Life Points equal to the difference between your opponent's monster's Attack Points and your monster's Attack Points.

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2009-12-01 17:16:30
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Q: In Yu-Gi-Oh if you attack a monster stronger than you do you get destroyed?
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In Yugioh what happens if your monster which is weaker attacks a monster that is stronger Do you lose life points and the monster is destroyed or is it just your life points?

Your monster is destroyed if the monster you attack is in attack position, and you lose life points.

In yugioh what happens if your monster attacks a monster with the same attack power?

Assuming the defending monster is also in attack position, both monsters will be destroyed.

Yugioh if you take control of a oppents monster and attack a monster stroger then it who takes the damage?

You do.

When dueling can you attack a stronger monster with your weaker monster?

Yes, you can do this. Your monster will most likely be destroyed, but this can be used to your advantage, ie, attacking a stronger monster with your Pyramid Turtle, using its effect so summon Ryu Kokki (2400ATK), and then attacking with that Ryu Kokki.

Can a yugioh monster be destroyed if its attack is 0?

Yes. It will be destroyed by battle by anything that has an ATK of 1 or higher (A monster with 0 ATK cannot destroy another with 0 ATK even though they are equal and normally equal attacks mean mutual destruction.

Can you attack the same monter with more than one monster in Yugioh?

yes but the damage from the first attack doesnt add on to the second attack

What food is good for ra?

other yugioh cards monster the higher attack points the better

Can you attack more than one monster with the same monster in Yugioh tcg?

Only if it has an effect that lets it attack more than once per turn, like Asura Priest does.

In yugioh can you put a monster in faced up attack position?

Yes, this is what you normally do since you can't place them in face down attack position.

When a Yugioh monster attacks another monster and the the monster being attacket is separated or remove dose the attack continue the the owner?

No you choose a new target and plz read the rule book.

Do you take battle damage when your scrap goblin is attacked by a monster with higher attack points?

The controlling player does, yes. Battle works in exactly the same way as normal, except, Scrap Goblin is not destroyed by battling with a stronger monster.

In yugioh can you put a monster in faced up attack position then in defense during main phase two?

no that would be stupid

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