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Yes, you can do this. Your monster will most likely be destroyed, but this can be used to your advantage, ie, attacking a stronger monster with your Pyramid Turtle, using its effect so summon Ryu Kokki (2400ATK), and then attacking with that Ryu Kokki.

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Q: When dueling can you attack a stronger monster with your weaker monster?
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In Yugioh what happens if your monster which is weaker attacks a monster that is stronger Do you lose life points and the monster is destroyed or is it just your life points?

Your monster is destroyed if the monster you attack is in attack position, and you lose life points.

When you take control of a opponent's monster and they attack it who loses life points?

It doesn't matter who 'owns' the monster, all that matters is the current controller. If I steal your monster, and attack your other weaker monster with it, it's you who takes the damage because 'your' monster is 'mine' at the moment, no different to my other monsters. If you attack the stolen monster with a stronger one, the same applies, I control the weaker monster, so I take the damage.

Can barrel dragon attack after his effect is used?

Yes, you can use the effect to destroy a stronger monster, and then attack a weaker one. You need at least 2 out of 3 heads on the coin flip.

Does the card Magical Arm Shield deal damage to the opponent?

When you take control of a monster, that monster is treated no differently to one of your own. So if an opponent has two monsters, and attacks with the stronger one, you can take control of the weaker one with Magical Arm Shield. Damage Calculation will be conducted as normal, the weaker monster will be destroyed and you will take battle damage. Or you could wait until the weaker one attacks, and take control of the stronger one, which the weaker one will be forced to attack. Now it's the opponent who takes the damage.

If a monster gains attack during the damage step is it still destroyed To be more specific Alien monsters with A-counter abilitys?

The monster's ATK only matters during Damage Calculation itself. If a 'weaker' monster attacks a stronger one, but that weaker monster has an effect that boosts its ATK during Damage Calculation, then the weaker monster will survive if it then had the higher ATK. It doesn't matter that afterwards, its ATK goes back to normal - Damage Calculation is the part of the Damage Step where monsters are considered destroyed by battle, and the weaker monster had a higher ATK for that.

Does Robbin' Zombie's effect activate if your opponent's weaker monster attacked your stronger monster and dies in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yes. It doesn't matter whose turn it is, Robbin Zombie does not require your monster to be the attacker. So if a weaker opponent's monster attacked your stronger one, the opponent will take battle damage to his life points, and Robbin Zombie will send a card from the top of their deck to the graveyard.

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Is Hurricane Gustav getting stronger or weaker?

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Is Mars a stronger or weaker planet?

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Does earth have a weaker or stronger amount of gravity?

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