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No, that's the soothe bell. The shell bell restores pokemons health after they do damage to their opponent depending on how much damage they do. The shell bell restores 1/8th of damage dealt.

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Q: Does shell bell make Pokemon happy?
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How do you make Pokemon happy in Pokemon Platinum?

The way I do it is by giving the Pokemon you want happy a sooth bell, this will make the Pokemon grow happy fast. Then every day give the Pokemon a message at Veliston (spelling?). Also make sure that it's the first Pokemon in your party and never put in the PC boxes.

How do you make a Togepi happy in Pokemon LeafGreen?

give it a sooth bell {if you have one] hope this helps!!!

In Pokemon Ruby what is in Shoal Cave?

If you collect enough Shoal Salt and Shoal Shells, the Old Man will make you a Shell Bell. The Shell Bell restores HP whenever the holder deals damage.

How do you make Pokemon happy in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Sooth bell haircut (down in the goldenrod basement) putting first in your party talking to it alot

Does it take a long time to make P.okemon happy in Pokemon platinum?

yes but not if you give in freidship berrys or a sooth bell

How do you make a pokemon happy fast?

Give it a sooth bell and use it for most things.(battles, pokeathlon, run with it, etc.)

How can you make a Pokemon happy in Pokemon Pearl?

You can make it happy by treating it to spa.

What is the fastest way to make Pokemon more happy?

The easy way that I usually do is just use soothe bell then use bike, just take go around with bike for about 28,000 steps, the Pokemon will surely happy

How do you make a Pokemon happy in Pokemon firered?

You make Pokemon happy the same way you do in the other games. Use it a lot, always heal it, give it lots of proteins, irons, carbos, etc, let it hold a Soothe Bell, give it to Gary's sister in pallet town once a day.

How do you make Togepi happy in Pokemon heaRTGOLD?

Get a Soothe Bell, walk with it, get it hair cuts at the Goldenrod Underground Tunnel, let it win battles.

How do you make Togepi happy in Pokemon HG?

Train it, give it soothe bell, give it stat enhancer items like protein, walk with it.

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