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if you stock them on calciums etc. then yes, but it all depends on their natures.

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Q: Does catching lower level Pokemon make them stronger?
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What does theLevel Ball do in HeartGold?

it is good for catching lower level Pokemon

What level does pansage involve in Pokemon black or white?

Pansage does not have a level by which it evolves. It evolves by you giving it a Leaf Stone. Now there is 1 decision you have to make as there are advantages for both giving it to Pansage at a lower level or higher level. If you evolve a Pokemon at a lower level then they become stronger than a Pokemon that is evolved at a later level. If you evolve a Pokemon at a higher level, then before you evolve it you can get all the moves at a lower than if you evolve the Pokemon. For any further queries please refer to

How do you lower the odds of catching a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

the chance of getting a shiny Pokemon is 1/8496.

What item can lower a Pokémon's level?

In the main games, there are no items that lower a Pokemon's level. However in the spin-off, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, there's an edible item called the Doom Seed which will lower the level of the Pokemon that eats it by 1 level.

Is there a way to lower your Pokemon level?


Are wild Pokemon just as strong?

No, they have lower base stats than a trainer Pokemon of the same level. Pokemon will have a greater base stats on level 100 if they are caught and trained on a lower level.

Where abouts can you train your Pokemon to level 50 on Pokemon Diamond?

you can do it anywhere the lower the wild pokemon's level the longer it will take

Pokemon pearl is there an item to lower Pokemon level ex 100 to 99?


Who is better Manectric or Pikachu?

well, that depends on which level the Pokemon is. A manectric of lvl 100 is stronger dan a pikachu of lvl 32. But a pikachu of lvl 100 is stronger than a manectric of lvl 32. So if you want your pikachu to be stronger than your manectric, you just have to train it to a higer lvl than manectric or go and check their stats when they are at level 100 and the Pokemon with the higher stats is better. But when you give a Pokemon a rare candy, their stats become lower, so its better to train them in a Pokemon figh, so try training them against water or flying types.

What level Pokemon can you control with the fourth badge in Pokemon diamond?

any Pokemon lower than 40

What is the point of prolonging Pokemon evolution?

The unevolved states learn the stronger attacks at lower levels.

What level should your Pokemon be at to face bugsy?

my Pokemon were at level 22 going against bugsy so i think that is a good level or maybe a little lower or higher depends on the Pokemon you have.