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It depends what level the Pokemon is.

If it is a lower level it will take about ten minutes

It a higher level it could take up to an hour

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Q: How long does it take for a Pokemon to gain a level in daycare in emerald?
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Pokemon emerald gameshark codes level up Pokemon in the daycare?

There are probably some game-shark codes that do level your Pokemon up FASTER in the daycare. If your Pokemon is in the daycare it will gain EXP. with every step you take.

My aron is lv 22 but it still hasent evolved is it because I left it in the daycare in Pokemon emerald?

yes if your Pokemon was in the daycare it wont evolve, just one more level will do the trick but you have to gain the level or use a rare candyHope it helps

How long does it take for a numel to gain a level in the daycare in Pokemon emerald?

There is no actual set amount; the amount of Exp. a Pokemon gets while in the daycare is proportional to the number of steps you take. For example, a level 1 Mudkip rqeuires 8 Exp. to level up, (note: results may vary) so about 8-30 steps should grant it at least 8-28 Exp.

When you leave your Pokemon in the day-care center how many steps do you have to take for it to level up?

To level up Pokemon in the daycare walk as many steps equal to the exp. points required to level up. I would not use the daycare to level up because your Pokemon gain the minimum stats and your moves could be deleted for a crappy move.

Do Pokemon gain happiness in the daycare in Pokemon soul silver?

I don't really know but they do level up.For example my ditto is on lv. 56 and when i left him there he was on lv.20

When can you gain access to Pokemon daycare in black 2?

You gain acces to the daycare after you get the Dream Mist for Fennel in Striaton City. You can do this once you get the first gym badge.

What happens if you put a legendary Pokemon in to the daycare with a ditto in Pokemon soul silver?

They will simply gain Exp. You can't breed legendary pokemon.

What does the daycare do for your Pokemon?

Basically, you go to the day care service center and talk to the man/woman. He/she will ask you if you want them to raise your Pokemon. You can raise two Pokemon at a time on Diamond/Pearl one at a time on Fire Red/ Leaf Green.

How do you gain entrance into sky pillar on Pokemon emerald?

when can i find out the question?

Do pokemon evolve in daycare on LeafGreen?

If I'm not mistaken, Pokemon will not evolve if they are left in the day care. Pokemon in the day care will gain 1 EXP. point every time you take a step. If you want to evolve the Pokemon, have it stay in the day care until it is the right level for evolving or one level below the evolving point, then have it level up while in your party.

Can Pokemon evolve at the daycare?

no, you have to take it out, then level up by yourself, and then you can let it evolve. beware! cheack the officail guidebook for the moves the Pokemon learns, it's possible that the daycare will exchange moves for you! it is possible that it might exchange earthquake for tail whip! its possible! BEWARE!

Do daycare Pokemon gain xp if you are on a bike?

Yes, Pokémon in the Daycare will still acquire Experience even if the steps you take are on a bike, they are still counted as steps.