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Yes I did. I've to got SD Card for my Leapster 2 to make sure it works with 13 downloadble games that I got from here:

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Q: Do you setup an sd card for a leapster 2?
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Can you download leapster games off the computer to the leapster system?

Yes, you can. Originally you got 1 starter game and 1 demo game from Leapster connect. But I just got extra 11 games from here: All you need is to make sure that your Leapster 2 have SD Card for at least 64MB and make sure that your Leapster 2 can connect to PC using LeapFrog Connect.

What do you do if no game will play in your leapster 2?

You need to reset your Leapster 2. Get more downloadable games for your Leapster 2 here:

What type of SD card do you need to softmod your wii?

you can find it in your wii manual. But here are list of cards which can be inserted in wii console- memory card sd card with mini sd card adapter 3.micro sd card with micro sd card adapter

What kind of storage is an SD card?

a sd card can store in megabite or gigabite upto 2 gigabite.

Can leapster leapfrog 2 games be played on leapster leapfrog 1?

according to wikipedia 'All previous Leapster games play on the Leapster 2, and all Leapster 2 games play on a Leapster, though logged data can never be uploaded and any earned rewards unlocked.'

How much music can a micro sd memory card hold?

about 300 in a 2 gb micro sd card

Can the leapster 2 listen to music?

No you can't I'm afraid :-( Get more downloadable games for your Leapster 2 here:

Does leapster old games work in leapster 2?

Yes, all leapster games are universal. They work in all the the leapster systems.

Is there a website for Leapster 2 game instructions?

You can get it from LeapFrog website of course :-) Get more downloadable games for your Leapster 2 here:

How much is an sd card for dsi?

a sd card for a ds is 15.00 for 2 g and 20 for a 4. it's true\

How do you put music in your Nintendo 3ds?

Your 3DS should have came with a 2 GB SD card. If you have an SD card reader on your computer, plug in your card to your computer, then put whatever music you want on the sd card. Plug the sd card back into your 3DS, and turn on the music channel.

Is it worth upgrading from a Leapster 1 to a Leapster 2?

The Leapster is worth upgrading, with the Leapster 2 you have motion play and a built in camera, so extra bits for them to explore and learn further with.