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Instead of buying Cartridges in the shop, you also can get more downloadable games for Leapster 2 here:

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Q: What games can you buy for a leapster 2?
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Can leapster leapfrog 2 games be played on leapster leapfrog 1?

according to wikipedia 'All previous Leapster games play on the Leapster 2, and all Leapster 2 games play on a Leapster, though logged data can never be uploaded and any earned rewards unlocked.'

What do you do if no game will play in your leapster 2?

You need to reset your Leapster 2. Get more downloadable games for your Leapster 2 here:

Can the leapster 2 listen to music?

No you can't I'm afraid :-( Get more downloadable games for your Leapster 2 here:

Is there a website for Leapster 2 game instructions?

You can get it from LeapFrog website of course :-) Get more downloadable games for your Leapster 2 here:

Can leapster leapfrog 2 games be played on leapster explorer?

No, unlike the two previous versions of leapfrog handheld (games were compatible) the Explorer in it's June 2010 release was based on a new platform.

What are the best Leapster 2 games?

There are a number of highly rated Leapster 2 games. Some of the games considered the best include Toy Story, Scooby Doo, Cars, Nemo and also Get Puzzled.

Are there Leapster 2 math games for girls?

The Leapster 2 math games are designed for both boys and girls. They help children improve their math skills and desire to learn with fun interactive games.

How do you download leapster to your computer from the disk?

You can download your Leapster 2 content from your console to your PC using LeapFrog Connect. But you have to setting your connection in LeapFrog Connect as below: 1. Go to Setting, and click Advanced tab 2. Make sure you tick ON for "Alternative connection for Crammer, Didj and Leapster 2" 3. Click APPLY 4. Eject your Leapster 2 from LeapFrog Connect. 5. Disconnect your USB connector from Leapster 2 6. Close the LeapFrog Connect application. 7. Re-connect your Leapster 2 to your PC. ... Source: PS: You can also download more games for your Leapster 2 there :-)

Where can one purchase games for the Leapster 2?

Games for the Leapster 2 can be purchased from toy stores such as Toys R Us. There are often some available from larger Walmarts too, or they can be ordered online from sites such as Amazon or ebay.

What ages will benefit mostly from playing with Leapster 2 games?

According to the manufacturer's site, the Leapfrog Leapster 2 console games are mostly aimed and are most beneficial for children aged four to eight years of age.

Is the age of two too young to play with Leapster 2 games?

Leapster 2 games are intended for ages 3 to 8 years old. Giving the games to children younger can result in injury or death. It is extremely important to adhere to safety ratings.

What is the average price of the LeapFrog Leapster 2 system, and where can I buy them?

Leapfrog Leapster 2 system merchandises at roughly 70 dollars. It is available from online retailers such as Amazon or instore at Toys'R'Us and Sears.