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Yes, you can. Originally you got 1 starter game and 1 demo game from Leapster connect. But I just got extra 11 games from here:

All you need is to make sure that your Leapster 2 have SD Card for at least 64MB and make sure that your Leapster 2 can connect to PC using LeapFrog Connect.

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Q: Can you download leapster games off the computer to the leapster system?
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How do you download leapster to your computer from the disk?

You can download your Leapster 2 content from your console to your PC using LeapFrog Connect. But you have to setting your connection in LeapFrog Connect as below: 1. Go to Setting, and click Advanced tab 2. Make sure you tick ON for "Alternative connection for Crammer, Didj and Leapster 2" 3. Click APPLY 4. Eject your Leapster 2 from LeapFrog Connect. 5. Disconnect your USB connector from Leapster 2 6. Close the LeapFrog Connect application. 7. Re-connect your Leapster 2 to your PC. ... Source: PS: You can also download more games for your Leapster 2 there :-)

What educational games are offered for compatibility with the leapster explorer?

Leapster math and spelling games. These are the best for this system and kids will have fun and learn at the same time with this system.

How do you download free games on leappad2?

You can download it from here:

Where can Spiderman Leapster games be bought?

Spiderman games for the Leapster system can be purchased at many retailers. Toys 'R Us carry a variety of Leapster games including the Spiderman ones. Amazon and eBay have many listed for sale as well.

Does leapster old games work in leapster 2?

Yes, all leapster games are universal. They work in all the the leapster systems.

Can leapster leapfrog 2 games be played on leapster leapfrog 1?

according to wikipedia 'All previous Leapster games play on the Leapster 2, and all Leapster 2 games play on a Leapster, though logged data can never be uploaded and any earned rewards unlocked.'

What age group do most Leapster games target?

The Leapster Explorer is a handheld gaming system targeted towards 4-9 year olds. All Leapster products are targeted towards children and young kids.

Does Leapster educational games offer games for toddlers?

The Leapster learning system unfortunately does not offer many games for toddlers, however, there are a few such as the Dora learning game. Other than that and a few more, there really aren't that many.

What games can you buy for a leapster 2?

Instead of buying Cartridges in the shop, you also can get more downloadable games for Leapster 2 here:

What do you do if no game will play in your leapster 2?

You need to reset your Leapster 2. Get more downloadable games for your Leapster 2 here:

Where can one purchase a Cars game for the Leapster system?

The Leapster system is aimed at younger children to get them acquainted with computers and technology. The games are sold by the same places that sell the systems, for example Toys R Us.

How do you download games off the computer?

You can download free computer games from Blogs. See the Related link below to download Free Computer Games.