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Yes, all leapster games are universal. They work in all the the leapster systems.

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Q: Does leapster old games work in leapster 2?
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What do you do if no game will play in your leapster 2?

You need to reset your Leapster 2. Get more downloadable games for your Leapster 2 here:

Can leapster leapfrog 2 games be played on leapster leapfrog 1?

according to wikipedia 'All previous Leapster games play on the Leapster 2, and all Leapster 2 games play on a Leapster, though logged data can never be uploaded and any earned rewards unlocked.'

What games can you buy for a leapster 2?

Instead of buying Cartridges in the shop, you also can get more downloadable games for Leapster 2 here:

Can the leapster 2 listen to music?

No you can't I'm afraid :-( Get more downloadable games for your Leapster 2 here:

Is there a website for Leapster 2 game instructions?

You can get it from LeapFrog website of course :-) Get more downloadable games for your Leapster 2 here:

Can you use leapster games for the leapster 2?

i think that yes you can save or watever in it

Is the age of two too young to play with Leapster 2 games?

Leapster 2 games are intended for ages 3 to 8 years old. Giving the games to children younger can result in injury or death. It is extremely important to adhere to safety ratings.

Can leapster leapfrog 2 games be played on leapster explorer?

No, unlike the two previous versions of leapfrog handheld (games were compatible) the Explorer in it's June 2010 release was based on a new platform.

Would a Leapster 2 handheld game be appropriate for a 7 year old or would it be too babyish?

It depends on your kids education level. I can say come games are also hard for 7 years old kids...

Can you download leapster games off the computer to the leapster system?

Yes, you can. Originally you got 1 starter game and 1 demo game from Leapster connect. But I just got extra 11 games from here: All you need is to make sure that your Leapster 2 have SD Card for at least 64MB and make sure that your Leapster 2 can connect to PC using LeapFrog Connect.

Do you setup an sd card for a leapster 2?

Yes I did. I've to got SD Card for my Leapster 2 to make sure it works with 13 downloadble games that I got from here:

What are the best Leapster 2 games?

There are a number of highly rated Leapster 2 games. Some of the games considered the best include Toy Story, Scooby Doo, Cars, Nemo and also Get Puzzled.