What type of SD card do you need to softmod your wii?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you can find it in your wii manual. But here are list of cards which can be inserted in wii console- memory card sd card with mini sd card adapter

3.micro sd card with micro sd card adapter

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Q: What type of SD card do you need to softmod your wii?
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Where can you find Wii softmod 4.2e?

Where can you find wii softmod 4.2e? The best place I have found would be using the drmodz tutorial on youtube: He has an 8 setp tutorial that has everything you need plus the download link for the files you need. And yes this is for Wii 4.2

Can you get infinite ammo on call of duty world at war for wii?

YES you can. you need to softmod your wii though. look it up on google and it should tell you

How do you get a Wii number?

to get a wii number you need to buy a wii card and go on your address book and type in your number on the card.

Is there a way to softmod a Wii without unlocking the Wii with a Wii unlocking software?

You make it to complicated. No, sorry.

Were can you by a modechip for the Wii?

Modchips is outdated. Now people softmod their wiis - it is better, faster, much cheaper and doesnt void the warranty of the wii. Check out this guide if you dont know how to softmod:

What type of SD card do you need to download Wii games?

You don't need an SD card

Where do you get a modchip for the Wii?

Modchipping is expensive, timeconsuming and outdated. Softmod your wii like everyone else. It doesn't void the warranty of your wii and its fast and easy to do. Check out this guide if you need help on how to do it:

How do you play a custom guitar hero game on the wii?

You have to softmod it. go to

How do you softmod a Nintendo Wii?

It depends...what`s your wii version ?? ( to find out, just go into your settings and look at the top right of the screen )

How do you hack the Wii?

you can use a modchip, that you can insert by yourself into the console or you can take it to a pirate service or you can make a softmod, you can search it in google ("wii softmod") If you don't know what you are doing and can't afford the Modchips, then go here" For the little money they charge, its well worth it. J

How do you download Pokemon in Pokemon Rumble?

Go to the Wii Shop and you can buy a Wii Points Card and type in the code on it or you can buy a wii points card with your credit card ( if you have one).

Intendo Wii need a memory card?