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Q: Do you have to have Pokemon platinum to go on battle revolution?
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How do you upload Pokemon from ds to Pokemon battle revolution?

you go tu upload Pokemon in Pokemon battle revolution

Does Pokemon platinum work on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

I dont think so because it was made specifically for Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, for more information go to

Where to battle Cyrus on Pokemon Platinum?

GO to the spear pillar. go to youtube and write How to go to the Spear Pillar in Pokemon Platinum.

What is the action replay code for getting banned Pokemon in the battle tower for Pokemon Platinum?

go to and look up Pokemon platinum if its not there then go to search for Pokemon platinum and click on the ar codes button

Can hacked Pokemon work in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

Hacked Pokemon come out as "bad eggs" if you try to put them on Pokemon Battle Revolution. But Pokesav'd Pokemon will go through fine.

How do you get Pokemon battle revolution?

go to the store and buy it

How do you complete the Sinnoh pokedex in Pokemon Platinum?

Just go to Pokemon platinum central and click on pokedex and it shows you where to battle all the Pokemon in sinnoh.

Can you trade Pokemon from battle revolution to platinum?

yes you go to the menu of Pokemon battle revoloution after you pick witch acount and click on storage then click copy and take your ds game and goto the main menu and click on connect to wii. I hope this helped

Can you go to another region in Pokemon platinum?

Apart from the Battle Frontier, no.

How get a Electrive on Platinum?

Sorry the only way I know is the Pokemon Battle Revolution way. I u do have battle revolution for the Wii, go to Google and type in Bulbapedia, click the first link. It should b say "Bulbapedia, the community driven Pokemon encyclopedia." once you click on it, type in the search box "Pokemon Battle Revolution" then go to the part where it talks about getting a Magmortar and an Electivire. Just do what it says and you'll have an Electivire in no time! Hope this helped!

Do you see the Pokemon in the battle tower in Pokemon platinum?

yes you see them but it does not go on your pokedex sorry

How can you level up your Pokemon in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

the only way to level up you Pokemon on Pokemon battle revolution is to make a custom pass and then train you Pokemon on your ds game then go back to Pokemon battle revolution and copy 'em again...that's the only way I know