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go to and look up Pokemon platinum if its not there then go to search for Pokemon platinum and click on the ar codes button

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Q: What is the action replay code for getting banned Pokemon in the battle tower for Pokemon Platinum?
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Is there a code for no banned Pokemon in the battle frontier on Pokemon Platinum?

No, you cannot.

Can you get banned from the GTS in Pokemon platinum?

No, it is impossible, but in the past Nintendo banned legendaries from being traded.

How do you unban banned Pokemon from the battle tower in Pokemon platinum?

No way to you hacking noobs

Is there a Action Replay code in Pokemon White that lets you use banned Pokemon in the battle subway?


What is the code for no banned Pokemon at the battle tower for pearl?

I don't think there is one I think the code is only for platinum.

Are action replay Pokemon banned from championship series?

Yes, action replay is a form of cheat codes, which are not to be used for help when a national contest.

Why are some Pokemon banned from the Battle Frontier in Pokemon Platinum?

Legendaries and Eggs are not able to enter into the Battle Frontier. Legendaries can easily defeat the opponents, because of their high stats and powerful moves and Eggs cannot battle.

Pokemon HeartGold no banned Pokemon at frontier?


What is the action replay code for no Pokemon banned for Pokemon black?

Don't do it! It will mess up your ds! It messed up mine and a lot of people say it messed up theirs too! DONT USE A R!

How do you get banned forever in clubpenguin?

You can get banned forever by getting banned so many times.

Pokemon crater link?

it is banned

Where was Pokemon banned and why?

They are banning divinity?!!?