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you can go to all the regions. First tou have to beat the battle frontier and find this old man with a ghost Pokemon and then you go home and you will find may.and you will get to battle any were.

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Q: How many regions can you go to in Pokemon Platinum?
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Is it possible for to you go to different regions on Pokemon platinum?


Can you go to the other regions if you beat the battle frontier in platinum?

No, but you can find Pokemon's from other regions

How do you know that you cant go to different regions in Pokemon platinum?

You never will go to a different region.

Ar code on Pokemon platinum to go to other regions?

I dont think there is one.

When you go to a different region in platinum do you get any of that regions starter Pokemon when you meet the professor there?


Can you go to different regions in Pokemon platinum?

No. You stay in the Sinnoh Region the whole time.

Can you go to other regions on Pokemon platinum because you can on emralde?

I am not certain it is possible to go to other regions in Platinum, but I don't think they are accessible simply because you could do that it in the Emerald version. The only way (in my opinion) to get to the other regions are by using Action Replay cheats.

How do you get Kanto starters in Pokemon platinum?

Go to other regions and talk to the professors sorry that's all i know

Is there a code to go to any region in Pokemon platinum?

No. the only games that have multiple regions are g/s/c and hg/ss

How do you get to johnto in Pokemon Platinum?

u don't go to johto in Pokemon platinum

Pokemon Platinum replay codes?

Go to go to Pokemon platinum and then go to the code section in it there are awesome cheats there!

How do you migrate Pokemon from Pokemon firered to platinum?

You need to go to pal park in Pokemon platinum to migrate.