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He goes to the Battle Tower.

And if your lucky,he might do a double battle with you.

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Q: Where does riley go in iron island in Pokemon platinum?
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Where do you get strength in Pokemon platinum?

You get it from Riley on Iron Island.find it the solecean ruins

Where do you get the hm streangth in Pokemon platinum?

The HM Strengt: You get it from Riley on Iron Island

How do you catch a Riolu in Pokemon Platinum?

Riley will give you and egg on Iron Island

Where can you find a riolu on Pokemon platinum?

You have to hatch it from the egg you received from Riley at Iron Mountain/Iron Island

How do you move the boulders in Pokemon platinum?

You have to have the HM Strength which you can find on Iron Island with Riley.

What do you do when you get to iron island in Pokemon Platinum?

Go into the cave and find a guy named RIley and get a special pokemon from him.

Where can strength be found in Pokemon platinum?

go to iron island and this riley dude gives it to you for nothing outside the iron island cave.

Where is HM04 in Pokemon Platinum?

After completing the Iron Island team battles with Riley, he will give Strength to you.

Where do you learn strength in Pokemon platinum version?

go to iron island. riley gives it to you at the entrance

Where do you get hm strenght in Pokemon platinum?

Go to Iron Island and talk to Riley, he'll give it to you.

Where do you get HM srength on Pokemon platinum?

you have to go to iron island and go to the entrance and riley will give you it.

Where do you get the hidden move strength in Pokemon platinum?

you can get it from a guy called riley in front of the entrance to iron island