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Riley will give you and egg on Iron Island

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Q: How do you catch a Riolu in Pokemon Platinum?
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How do you catcha luca in Pokemon Platinum?

you can catch it by gettin a riolu from riley on iron island and evolving it at level 30

In Pokemon Platinum how do you catch Raolu?

you can't catch him, you need to help riley on iron island and he will have something for you. It is the riolu egg. Make room for it

How do you get lucrio in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Catch a Riolu and evolve Riolu.

In Pokemon platinum what is the second egg?


If you trade riolu from Pokemon platinum does it evolve?


What is inside the egg that Reilly gives you in Pokemon platinum?

A Riolu, which can evolve into a Lucario.

Can riolu lay an egg in Pokemon platinum?

No, but Lucario can.

What Pokemon is in the egg that reily gave you on Pokemon platinum?

Riolu lucarios prevolution

How do you catch riolu in Pokemon HeartGold?

yes u can get riolu in Pokemon heart gold and soul silver you catch him or her in the safari zone and you can catch lucario in the safari zone two.

What is a good Pokemon to catch on Pokemon Platinum?

giratina (even better in origin forme) Heatran (great fire moves) Lucario (get egg from iron island that has riolu, then evolve)

In Pokemon platinum how do you evolve riolu and Pichu?

Riolu evolve's normally and pichu evolves through happie'ness

Can you get a Riolu on Pokemon platinum?

On Iron Island, a guy named Riley will give you an egg. It will hatch into Riolu.