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You haven't made it far then. You can catch old pokemon. Yes, you can catch Riolu in the challenger's cave after you beat the elite 4. He's rare though.

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Q: Where do you catch a Riolu in Pokemon Black and White?
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Can you catch Riolu in Pokemon white?

Yes it is possible.

Where can you find a Lucario on Pokemon Black?

You Cannot catch lucario on pokemon black the only Way is to trade him or catch a riolu.

Where can you catch a shiny riolu in Pokemon Black 2?

Anywhere that you can catch Riolu. Shiny Pokemon can appear anywhere and anytime; with a 1/8192 chance of one appearing.

Where do you catch a Riolu in Pokemon black and white and the season?

I think that the season is any season, and you catch him in the Challenger's Cave on Route 9. Also, Riolu is a Pokemon that evolves by friendliness so give the soothe bell and level him up and DON'T LOSE!! That makes a Pokemon less friendly.

Where do you catch riolu in pokemon black?

You can catch Riolu in Challangers cave. You can't enter challangers cave till you have beaten the eliet four at least once.

How do you get lucrio in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Catch a Riolu and evolve Riolu.

Can you catch Rufflet in Pokemon Black?

No, it is exclusive to Pokemon White. Where you would catch Rufflet in White, you catch Vullaby in Black.

What legendary pokemon can you catch in Pokemon Black but not white?

In Pokemon black you catch RESHIRAM and TORNADUS In Pokemon white you catch ZEKROM and THUNDERUS Sources : myself

How do you catch Abra in Pokemon Black and White?

You can't catch it in Black, but you can catch it in White. In the White Forest.

Who should you have for your team in Pokemon white 2 and where do you catch them?

snivy riolu growlithe tranpinch ducklet evee

How do you catch bravery on Pokemon Black and White?

You can not catch Braviary. You have to catch Rufflet in Pokemon White and evolve it.

Where do you catch rufflet in Pokemon Black?

It is exclusive to Pokemon White, you can't catch it in Pokemon Black. You would need to trade with someone who has white.