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you have to get in Pokemon white

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Q: Where can you catch Solosis in Pokemon Black?
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How do you catch solosis Pokemon Black?

Pokemon black contains gothita instead of solosis. Solosis is only caught in white.

Can you get solosis on Pokemon Black version?

nope. you can only catch solosis in pokemon white version. Gothita are exclusive during pokemon black version game play. the only possible way is to get a solosis is the GTS.

What Pokemon can you catch on Pokemon white but not black?

petilil, throh, zehkrom, rufflet, braviary, solosis, and their evolve forms.

Where can you cetch solosis in Pokemon black?

Solosis is exclusive to White.

What Pokemon can you catch on white but not on black?

I know there are others, but here are some examples: Pokemon Black-Gothita, Vullaby, Cottonee, and their families Pokemon White-Solosis, Rufflet, Petilil, and their families

How do you get a solosis in Pokemon Black and White?

You can only get solosis in pmon white to the left of nimbasa city.

Where is a trainer with a solosis in Pokemon Black?

A trainer with a solosis in Pokemon Black is found in the Desert Resort. The person that has it should be a doctor after you exit the gate to the Desert Resort.

Why can't I find a solosis on route 5 or 16 on my Pokemon black version?

Because Solosis is a version exclusive pokemon, exclusive to Pokemon White. You get Gothita instead.

Where do you find Solosis in Pokemon White?

Solosis is onpy found in Pkmn white. Solosis is in the route between driftveil city and nimbasa city, they would be lv19-22. Later in the game, you can catch a duosion, the evolution of solosis, in route 9 before opelucid city

How do you get solosis on Pokemon black?

You have to either trade someone who has White version, or use codes to make one. Solosis is a White Version exclusive and cannot be obtained legally in Black version.

Is solosis on Pokemon black version?

I am afraid not. You can only get one from trading one from white.

What Pokemon are in Pokemon white that aren't in Pokemon black?

Petilil, Lilligant, Solosis, Duosion, Reuniclus, Rufflet, Braviary, Thundurus, & Zekrom.