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You have to have the HM Strength which you can find on Iron Island with Riley.

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Q: How do you move the boulders in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you move boulders in Pokemon platinum?

you need hm strength which you can get from bryon after defeating him in canalave city.

Pokemon Platinum way to move boulders?

in Pokemon platinum you need to have (strength) you can obtain it at iron island but you can only get it when you have 6 badges.' check out my new website:

How do you move the boulders in Pokemon HeartGold?

First, you have to get the HM strength, then teach it to and a Pokemon and you can move boulders.

How do you hop over boulders on your bike in Pokemon platinum?

You Cant But The side Boulders Like This ^ You Can Hop It

What do you do with the three big boulders in Pokemon Platinum-Disortion World after you've knocked them all down?

the three lake Pokemon will tell you where to move them by which way they float

In Pokemon platinum which holes do you push the boulders in when you are in the reverse world?

What move can move boulders in Pokemon Y?


How do you push the big boulders out of the way on Pokemon platinum?

use strength

How do yo move boulders in the distortion world in Pokemon platinum?

you need to have a Pokemon with the hm move strength touch the boulder and it will say if u wanna use strength say yes and there u go! hope i helped

How do you move boulders in Pokemon Gold?

To move boulders in Pokemon Gold you need a Pokemon with the HM move Strength. Selecting the Pokemon in the menu outside of battle should let you use it if you have beaten the Olivine City Gym.

What TM or hm does your Pokemon have to know to push large boulders in Pokemon platinum?

its a hm and its called strength

On platinum version how do you push boulders?

you first you beat a gym leader then you get the hm strength and teach it to a Pokemon then you push some boulders