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In Pokemon Diamond\Pearl, you go to the Veilstone City Gym.

In Pokemon Platinum, you go to the Hearthome City Gym.

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Q: Where do you go after eterna gym battle?
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How do you get to the second gym leader in Pokemon platinum?

you go through the route where Valley Windworks is and go through the Eterna Woods and you will be in the city where the second gym is.

Where is Eterna City's Gym in Pokemon Diamond?

go to the very end of eterna city. then you will see a brown building. that is the gym

What gym do you battle to use cut in Pokemon platinum?

To be able to use cut outside of battle you have to get the second gym badge in eterna city

How do you fight the second gym leader in Pokemon pearl a description?

First, go to Eterna City. Enter the Eterna City Gym. Walk up to the end of the first room and you will see Gardenia, the Gym Leader. After you talk to her, go into the actual gym area. Then, you will need to find and battle 4 Gym Trainers within the Gym. (Hint: Once you find the 1st trainer, she will give you hints on where to find the 2nd one and so on.) After you defeat the 4th Gym Trainer, Gardenia will appear in the gym. Walk up to her and battle her. If you win, you'll receive the Forest Badge.

Where is Eterna City's Gym leader?

Eterna's gym leader can be found in the Eterna Gym After defeating the three trainers hiding in the trees inside the gym you can find the gym leader at the northern (upper) part of the gym.

Who is the Gym Leader of Eterna City?

The Gym Leader of the Eterna Gym is Gardenia, she uses Grass-types.

Were is the gardenia flower on Pokemon plutanim?

Gardenia is the Gym Leader of Eterna City. You can find her if you go into the gym, find your way through the maze and battle the other trainers. At the end of the maze, you will find Gardenia and are able to battle her

Where do you get an exp share in Pokemon?

after the eterna city gym battle go to the Galactic Hq in eterna and beat Commander Mars. After get a bike after go get a underground kit. Then go to cycling road and a Dawn/Lucas's dad will give you it until you reached a certain amount of Pokemon in your pokedex

How do you get to the second Gym leader in Pokemon Diamond?

You go through Eterna Forest. When you reach too the end, a person should be with you and say 'Bye' then walks off. When you get out of the forest, you should see a bridge with fisherman on it. Avoid them (if you want, battle them) and you should reach to Eterna city, where the second gym should be there.

What do i have to do to battle the second gym leader in Pokemon diamond?

Go up from jumblife city until you get to florama town go right then go up at the bridge keep going till eterna forest go through go right then in in the town will be the 2 nd gym.

Where is the third gym trainer in Eterna city?

actully it is the fifth gym just go and find the fourth gym and come back in eterna city she will be there i am sure about it and good luck in that game. i love pokemon belive it or not my ambition is to go in the pokemon world really

How do you get the pokeball near eterna city gym in platinum?

go in between the trees