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No, after beating the game your mum talks to you and asks "What colour was the pokemon" depending on what colour you choose Latios/Latias wanders around Hoenn. They change spots each time.

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Q: Do you find latios around route 110?
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What are latios's stats?


Where you can catch latias or latias?

In pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Latios or Latios start roaming Hoenn after you beat the Elite four. The place you meet them is random - but someone say that if you have a bigger chance of catching Latios in route 119, and Latias in route 110. In Pokemon Emerald, one of them starts roaming Hoenn after you beat the Elite four, and you tell your mom what colour it was on the Pokemon they mentioned on the TV. Red gives Latias, blue gives Latios.

How do you catch gulpin on ruby?

you find it on route 110

Where is route 110 in pokemon sapphire?

Go north of slateport..then the route there is route 110.

Where can you find a Pokemon with yawn in Pokemon sapphire?

Slakoth - Petalburgwoods Gulpin - Route 110

Where do you catch gulpin on Pokemon emerald?

You can find one on Route 110. It has a 15% chance of appearing.

How can you find plusle in Pokemon Ruby?

go to the cycling road/route 110 and walk on the grassy road.

What route is the trick master on in Pokemon sapphire?

Route 110

Where do you find rare candy in Pokemon Sapphire?

In Pokèmon Sapphire, Rare Candies can be found on these routes: Route 106 Route 110 Route 114 Route 119 Route 120 Route 123 and 132. *One of them can also be found in the Trick house ~Lucario

Where to get minun in Pokemon?

in route 110 (in sapphire)

Where do you find magneton in emerald?

go to the new mauwhile at route 110.mauwile city.

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