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U need skill, LOTS, it's hard and at the end u meet your rival's dad!

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Q: How do you defeat each of the battle frontier in Pokemon platinum?
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Why are some Pokemon banned from the Battle Frontier in Pokemon Platinum?

Legendaries and Eggs are not able to enter into the Battle Frontier. Legendaries can easily defeat the opponents, because of their high stats and powerful moves and Eggs cannot battle.

Pokemon emerald were is the battle factory?

After you defeat the Elite Four, You will unlock the battle frontier. The battle factory is at the West side of the battle frontier.

How do you defeat the battle tower in platinum?

Just get STRONG Pokemon

What do you do after you defeat the elite four in platinum?

you now can go to the battle frontier the resort area the survival area. the resort area is a good place to train go to the battle frontier where you will battle flint and volkener again and then either explore the battle frontier or go to mt stark( take good pokemon) and find heatran.

How can i get out of the battle zone on Pokemon platinum?

defeat the battle fronteer (i really have no idea i just think)

Can you re-battle Cyrus in Pokemon?

No, After U Defeat Him In Diamond/Pearl/Platinum U Defeat Him He Compleatly Dissapears

To transfer the surf pikachu from Pokemon Battle Revolution to Pokemon platinum do I have to first defeat the elite 4 in order to get it?


Can you battle Giratina again if you defeat it in Pokemon platinum?

Yes but only if you defeat it in the Distortion World. After you beat the Elite 4, it'll be in the Turnback Cave.

How do you get symbols on emrald?

You defeat the Frontier Brains in each of the facilities in the Battle Frontier.

Where is the battle frontier in Pokemon sapphire?

In Pokemon Emerald, After you defeat the Elite Four and Champion you will have to walk out of your house. Then Scott will call you on the PokeNav. Then you talk to your mum/mom before you set of and then you talk to Scott again on the PokeNav and he will tell you where you have to go. NOTE: If you have a fake Pokemon Emerald Game (if the cartridge is not green) then you might not be able to unlock the Battle Frontier. To be 100% sure if you want to unlock the Battle Frontier you need a Green Pokemon Emerald Game Cartridge) In Pokemon diamond/pearl/platinum beat the Elite 4 and then go to Snowpoint City and get on the ship near the Pokemon Centre. :)

What is the location of the Battle Frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

The Battle Tower is on a separate island in Pokemon Emerald of which you can only get to by boat and the island is only accessible as a post-game option meaning after you defeat the Elite 4 and the Champion.

How do you get sudowoodo on Pokemon emerald?

Sudowoodo can be found after you defeat the elite four. Sudowoodo is located at south-eastern area of the Battle Frontier.