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go to the Pokemon league and defeat them

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Q: What do you do after you get 8 badges platinum?
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How do you get in to the disortion world?

YOU CAN ONLY GET INTO IT ON PLATINUM FOOL? On platinum you have to get 7/8 gym badges and then go to the spear pillar at the top of mt something

Can you skip badges in Pokemon Platinum?

No, you cannot skip any Badges in Pokémon Platinum.

How do you get to the elite four in Pokemon platinum?

You need to beat all the 8 gym badges. I have just completed the 8 badges and my Pokemon are all around lv. 65 (well... at least 3 of them are!). I hope this helps

Where do you go after you have all the badges on platinum?

to the elite four.

How many badges are in Pokemon Silver -?

there is 16 badges... 8 in kanto and 8 in johto

Is there more than 16 badges in Pokemon heartgold?

i think so because my heart gold connected with platinum he has his 16 badges but when pplatinum looked at heart gold case it showed 8 sinnow badge slots!!

Where do you get waterfall in platinum?

after you get all 8 gym badges, go to sunyshore cities beach at the way end of sunyshore and talk to the girl there, she will give you waterfall.

Is there an action replay code to get rid of badges in Pokemon platinum?

No there is not.

How do you get to the resort are on Pokemon platinum?

if you get lots of badges, it will eventually open for you.

How many badges do you get in Poke'mon?

8 Badges.

How do you beat pokemon platinum on ds?

get 8 badges kill galactic beat Pokemon league complete pokedex=210 beat national dex=492

What to do after you get all of the 8 badges in pokemon platinum?

Go to Route 223 and follow it until you reach the Victory Road. Keep going until the Pokemon League.