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we can get 8 gym badges byfighting all the gym leaders in Pokemon pearl.

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Q: How do you get 8 gym badges on Pokemon Pearl?
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What do you do to get the man to move to go to the Pokemon league Pokemon pearl?

you have to have all 8 gym badges

How do you get to victory road in Pokemon Pearl?

You have to progress the game by obtaining all 8 gym badges. Easy! North of Sunnyshore and south of Pokemon League. :)

What to do after you get all gym badges on Pokemon heart gold?

You are in jhoto first then when you have all the 8 gym badges you can go to kanto and get 8 more badges which will be all 16 badges then you can challenge the pokemon league. Hope that helped.

I have beaten the Sunnyshore Gym and used waterfall but all I can find is the Pokemon League and the man blocking the way to it so where exactly are the elite four in Pokemon Pearl?

There is still more gym badges that you may have accidentally skipped. Check to make sure you have all 8 gym badges.

What is the all badges cheat for Pokemon emerald vba?

you get all 8 gym badges

Do you need badges to trade in Pokemon sapphire?

yes every hm does

How do you get the 8 badges on Pokemon FireRed?

you need to beat the 8 gym leaders

How many Pokemon gym badges are in black and white version?


How many badges are in Pokemon pearl?

8 there always was and there always will be in every pokemon game

In Pokemon soulsilver where do you get the 15 gym badge?

There is only 8 badges. Gym 1-8 Elite 1-4 The Champion

How can you make your traded Pokemon listen to you?

in order for trader Pokemon to listen to you. you need gym badges if you have al 8 badges they will obey and if you have 3 or four badges is going to e hard to train Pokemon

Where to get masterballs in Pokemon SoulSilver?

get all the 8 gym badges and talk to prof. Elm