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you get all 8 gym badges

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Q: What is the all badges cheat for Pokemon emerald vba?
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What cheat can you use to get all gym badges in Pokemon emerald?

just dont cheat

How do you get all the gym badges on Pokemon emerald?

Defeat all of the Gym leaders on Emerald. ~KKMG1

Is there a cheat to get all the Pokemon on Pokemon emerald?

NO! Yes you can but you can but you have to buy Game Shark (Cheat Pak) :) By Awestly

Where do you go after getting all 8 badges in Pokemon emerald?

You go to Victory Road

Cheat to get all pokemons in emerald?

For the GameShark you click on Pokemon Emerald 1 and choose the level then the pokemon.

How do you get the Pokemon lapras in emerald?

You can neither trade from FireRed/LeafGreen to Emerald or using Cheat device.. After all Lapras not wild in Pokemon emerald..

Pokemon Emerald code getting mew to obay?

Just get all the badges. It will obey you then.

Is there a cheat code to get all the Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

yes but you have to catch one at a time

How can you get all the Pokemon in one go on emerald?

You cannot catch all the pokemon in emerald. You much catch the maximum for that game, and trade or cheat in the rest.

Whats the cheat for Pokemon emerald that gives you all the Pokemon?

u can't but u can clone Pokemon

Is their a code breaker code for Pokemon Emerald that gives you all the gym badges and if their what is it Thanks in advance?

There aren't, you have to earn the badges through gym battles

How do you see all the Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

there is no cheat for that but to see what your looking for go to and to get all pokemon. there might be a cheat on the downloaded version this anser is from harlea deabay