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You don't not unless you trade or cheat

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Q: How can I get all three starters in Pokemon emerald?
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How to get all 3 starters in pokemon emerald?

To get all three Starters in Pokemon Emerald you need to trade for them with Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald. This is a mechanic used since the creation of Pokemon to encourage players to get together and trade.

How do you get Pokemon Christal starters in Pokemon FireRed or emerald version?

Sorry, but the only way to get all the starters from Pokemon Crystal to Fire Red or to Pokemon Emerald is to get a gameshark and do it from there.

How you can find all starters in Pokemon emerald?


How do get 1 of all of the johto starters in Pokemon emerald?

you get them by catching all 200 Pokemon

How do you get all three Hoenn starters in emerald?


How do you get all three starters in Emerald?

Trade with other people

Where do you get all the gold starters in Pokemon pearl?

You can first collect all of the Pokemon for the hoen dex in Pokemon emerald you will get 1 of the 3 Pokemon gold/silver/crystle series starters then use the get all of the starters trick to get them all then migrate them to Pokemon diamond or pearl.

Where do you catch cintquil in Pokemon Pearl?

cindaquil must be migrated from emerald version... in emerald, once you catch all the pokemon, the professor offers you one of three pokemon... you may pick from the johto starters (cindaquil, chikorita, and totodile)

Get all three starters on Pokemon Silver?

To obtain all three starters you need to trade with someone.

How do you get three starter Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald?

You can only get one of the three Starters in Pokémon Emerald without use of cheating or trading. You can trade or use an action replay code to get all three (I don't know the code, so I can't help you there). Hope this helped.

How do you get jhoto starters in emerald?

you need to catch or see all the Pokemon in the national dex.

For the johto starters do you have to trade to get 200 Pokemon in Emerald?

Yes you have to trade because you can't get all the Pokemon alone.