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You are in jhoto first then when you have all the 8 gym badges you can go to kanto and get 8 more badges which will be all 16 badges then you can challenge the pokemon league. Hope that helped.

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Q: What to do after you get all gym badges on Pokemon heart gold?
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How do you get past the roadworks in Pokemon Heart Gold?

you have to get all eight gym badges

Where to get rock climb in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Professor Oak gives it too you when you have obtained all 16 badges.

How do you battle ash in Pokemon Heart Gold?

U need to get all 16 badges then go pallet town in kanto

What is there to do on Pokemon HeartGold?

There are plenty of things to do on Pokemon Heart Gold, though the main thing to do are to beat Team Rocket, Beat the Pokemon League Champion and collect all 16 Pokemon Badges. Jacko25

How do you get the hm rock climb on Pokemon Heart Gold?

Get all 16 badges and visit the Professor in his Pallet Town lab. He'll give you the HM.

Where is gym leader virdian city Pokemon heart gold?

cinnabar island. he will go to the gym after getting all the 7 kanto gym badges

Can you get zapdos in HeartGold?

Yes you can get Zapdos in Pokemon Heart Gold. After you get all 16 badges go to the power plant and Zapdos will be waiting there for you. He is at lvl 50.

Where do you defeat the kimono girls in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you have to get all the badges first, i have heart gold so im not positive but after u get all the johto badges and help all of them out around the map, i think they battle you srry if this doesnt work, again i play gold so,,,,,, anyways hope this helps

Where do you get the master ball in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You have too get all the badges first then after you have done that prof.elm will call you and tell you to go to his lab.then he will cover you a master ball

Where do you find the TM that let you climb up mountains in Heart Gold Pokemon?

HM08 Rock Climb is given to you by Prof. Oak after you get all 16 badges.

What to do after all 16 badges are won in Pokemon gold?

You challenge red trainer

What does professor oak say after you get all the badges in Kanto in Pokemon gold?

he tells you that you need to get all of the badges from Kanto then he will let you into Mt. Silver