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kill all her pokemon.

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Q: How do you defeat Jupiter in Pokemon Platinum?
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How do you defeat Saturn in Pokemon platinum?

by knocking out all his/her Pokemon

How do you defeat Crobat in platinum?

you fight it and defeat it w/ ur Pokemon

How do you defeat Pokemon league in Pokemon Platinum?

use the move nuclearbomb

What type of Pokemon do you need to defeat Commader Jupiter?


In Pokemon platinum what is the easiest way to defeat prinplup?

With a Budew.

How do you defeat the battle tower in platinum?

Just get STRONG Pokemon

What do you do after you get 8 badges platinum?

go to the Pokemon league and defeat them

How do you defeat Gardenia in platinum?

use a flying , poison or flying Pokemon

What do you do after you defeated the 7 gym leader in Pokemon platinum?

Defeat the 8th

What do you do when you defeat Pokemon diamond?

w8 for platinum or get diff game i ges

How do you complete the national dex in Pokemon platinum?

You have to defeat all the trainers and find all the Pokemon

Where can I find commander Mars and commander Jupiter?

on Pokemon platinum mars and Jupiter plus charon is in stark mountain ok