What is the icoffin codes?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They are codes from the Monster High Icoffin toy phone.

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Q: What is the icoffin codes?
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Monster High icoffin codes?


What is the Monster High claw crane code about?

you play games with your iCoffin to get codes. the code is UVYZ

Where do they sale the icoffin?

you can get an icoffin on ebay or amazon but amazons is 147 $ i think

How do you make a rag doll on Monster High?

You have to buy an icoffin and get codes on that or you can get codes as a prize when you fill up your spirit meter. I just gest a bunch of codes and actually got all of them. Her is one code a1e5

What can a Monster High icoffin do?

The monster high icoffin can do a lot of things you can play games on it, receive text messages from the characters, go to classes, send text messages to the characters, and unlock codes hope this helped.

Where do you get an icoffin?

toys r us

Where do you get a Monster High icoffin from?


What is the code for icoffin in moster high?


What is the icoffin code for Monster High locker?

it is.............................................................. ?

What is the icoffin code to the bookmark?

Here are all the monster high book marker codes. Frankie Stein=A2F7 Dracula= B2F7 Clawdeen Wolf=C2F7 Lagoona Blue=D2F7

Where are codes for Monster High?

Monster High codes Locker codes DracuLaura=MHDLGARLIC or MHDLMIRROR Clawdeen Wolf=MHCWHOWL Frankie Stein=MHFSARM Cleo de Nile=MHCDEGYPT Deuce Gorgon=MHDGSNAKE Lagoona Blue=MHLBOCEAN Ghoulia Yelps=MHGYZOMBIE Sorry folks, don't have any codes for Holt Hyde or the iCoffin! :(

How do you enter a code in your mh icoffin?

mh website