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the codes are these : 565314567890876543 they are the codes .

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Q: What are codes for club penguin style catalog?
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Where is the Club Penguin wig catalog?

There is no wig catalog in Club penguin. in the penguin style, you will find clothes AND different hair in the catalog. Hope i helped! :)

Where do you find the green construction helmit on Club Penguin?

It is on the Penguin Style catalog.

How do you crack codes in club penguin to win stuff?

How Do You Get A Pink Boa In Club penguin 2010 catalog????

Where are the teem back rounds in club penguin?

you can get it in penguin style catalog in gift shop

On club penguin where do you buy the mermaid costume?

At the Gift Shop on the Penguin Style Catalog.

How do you be a Snow White penguin on Club Penguin?

By getting the Artic White color in the Penguin Style catalog.

How do you get blond ponytail on Club Penguin?

It used to be in the big wigs catalog, but then the big wigs came inside the Penguin Style and you have to look for it in the Penguin Style catalog, which changes every month

Where is the wig catalog on Club Penguin?

It's gone, sorry. But that doesn't mean that the wigs are gone! Their all in the Penguin Style catalog.

On club penguin what month do white sunglasses come out?

They come out in the penguin style catalog, in July!!!

Where is the pizza shirt on club penguin?

Sometimes it is available as the monthly job in the penguin style catalog.

Were do you buy the life guard uniform on club penguin?

It is a rare item that is seen in the monthly job of the club penguin Penguin Style catalog.

Club penguin can you buy or get a kite?

Whenever the kite comes out in the penguin style catalog, you have to be a member, though