What are the codes?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the codes are action replay codes

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Q: What are the codes?
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What is E-codes?

E codes are Electronic codes...

What is E codes?

E codes are Electronic codes...

What did many southern states use to limit civil rights during reconstruction?

black codes

What are the clubpenguin codes?

Club Penguin codes are codes that you can enter online. There are a variety of codes like Card Jitsu Card Codes, Coin Codes, and Book Codes. You can also enter Membership Card Codes if you click the Members tab on the homepage.

Do you have to add codes to Ultimate codes for Pokemon?

No,but you can put codes your Ultimate Codes for Pokemon for gba

What are the level codes for cyclo maniacs?

There are no level codes but there is cheat codes level codes are a joke

Are there cheat codes on pet pet park?

No, why would there be Cheat-Codes on Pet pet park? There's only Cheat-Codes on Animal Jam. The only codes on P.P.P. is N.C. codes. No cheat codes. Only N.C. codes. That's the only codes on P.P.P.

What are alphanumeric codes?

Alphanumeric codes are a mixture of codes from letters and numbers.

What are codes for club penguin style catalog?

the codes are these : 565314567890876543 they are the codes .

What does hard codes mean in relationship to transmission codes?

Hard codes are currently active (part is broke) codes.

What are smartycard codes?

Smarty card codes are codes that allow you to unlock a certain amount of codes to unlock to get gifts

What are the error codes on Megaman 3 blue?

Visit and go to the cheats/codes section for MMBN3. You'll get error codes, numberman codes, ex codes, SHRINK codes (those are helpful) and more.