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you give it to a Pokemon to hold, keep that Pokemon in your party and whenever you beat a Pokemon 1/2 of the exp points will be given to that Pokemon. i suggest using it on a weak Pokemon

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Q: How do you use EXP Share in Pokemon fire red?
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How do you train a dratini easily in Pokemon fire red?

You either put a exp share on it or you put it in the front of your team and when you battle switch it (it will do better on the exp share though).

Is there a exp share in Pokemon Crystal?

Yes. Give a red scale to Mr. Pokemon and he will give you EXP Share.

How do you get a exp share in Pokemon soul silver?

you have to get a red gyarados and take the red scale and trade for exp share with mr Pokemon hope i helped!

Where is the exp share in Pokemon Silver?

trade red scale for a mr.Pokemon's exp share where you got the togepi egg.

How do you evolve larvitar and dratini easy on Pokemon fire red?

Have them hold exp share while your strong Pokemon constantly defeat the elite four.

Pokemon soul silver where is the exp share?

When you catch or faint THE RED GYRADOS, you will get a red scale from The Lake Of Rage to give to Mr. Pokemon then to get an exp. share from him HOPE THIS HELPS

Where do you get the exp share in soulsilver?

you can get an exp share by giving mr Pokemon the red scale you got after beating the red gyarados in the lake of rage.

How can you get the exp-share in Pokemon HeartGold?

you trade it for your red scale to mr. Pokemon

How do you get exp share on Pokemon haert gold?

you get the gyrados scale after defeating or capturing the red gyrados,then if you show it to mr pokemon,he'll trade it for an exp share

Can someone give me a exp share please ill give you any of my Pokemon?

I do not have wifi. However, get the red scale from the red gyarados. Trade that to mr. Pokemon in vermillion i think, to get the exp. share

Where do you get exp share in heartgold?

after you have caught the red gyarados go to Mr Pokemon's house on the road to violet city and trade the red scale for an exp share

Why did Mr Pokemon just trade the exp share for the red scale?

Because you don't need the red scale, and you probably could use an exp share.