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no they don't give viruses

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Q: Do minecraft texture packs give you a virus?
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Does downloading texture packs in minecraft give your computer viruses?

Most minecraft texture packs from trusted and used websites will not give you viruses. Try out PlanetMinecraft. A good texture pack is Faithfull, 100% clean of viruses unless downloaded improperly.

Can you use a texture pack in minecraft forf ree?

There is no charge for installing a texture pack in Minecraft. You can download texture packs from the internet by typing the kind of texture pack you want into Google followed by "Minecraft textures" On rare occasion, sites may charge you for a texture pack or a series of packs, but you usually don't want to give your credit card info to a site you don't trust, and you can get textures of the same or better quality for free.

Will Minecraft plugins give you a viris?

No minecraft plugins will not give you a virus if they are from a high quality source

Will Minecraft give you a computer virus?

"If you play Minecraft on "In Browser" mode on or if you Download from you will not get a virus! If you Play/Download the game from anywhere else there is a 99.9% chance you WILL get a virus and a 0.1% chance you won't get a virus!

Can Minecraft give virus on MacBook Pro?

no, unless you download it illegaly......

Does Minecraft pixlmon give computer virus?

No, as long as you get it from the original source.

Can someone prove to me with a reliable source that downloading minecraft will not give you a virus?

No trolling, honestly it won't give you a freakin virus if you downloaded it from

Does Minecraft give virus?

if you buy it there`s a 100% chance that it won`t.

Does Minecraft give a virus?

No. If you download it from the official website it will not contain any viruses.

Are there viruses when you download Minecraft?

If you download minecraft from, or the homepage, you will not get viruses. Downloaded from anywhere else, or any *sales advertisements* (ex. Minecraft for only 10$) you may get a virus. Minecraft is safe, but the things you download for it or off of it may give you a virus.

Why did minecraft give me a black screen even though you only completely downloaded a texture pack?

There are a few reasons this could have happened. First of all, you need to make sure it is an SD texture back. (16x16) If it is any higher than this, you have an HD texture pack, and unless you patch your minecraft, there is no way you are going to use an HD texture pack. What you need to do is download a program called MC Patcher. I'll have the link on the bottom. You need to make sure you have a fresh minecraft.jar and bin. To do this you will have to delete your .minecraft folder and then run minecraft. If you want to save the levels you are working on go to/roaming/.minecraft/saves if you are on a PC. For mac it is Library/ApplicationSupport/minecraft/saves. Drag the saves onto your desktop or wherever before you delete the .minecraft and replace it after. Then open MC Patcher and click the patch button at the bottom and drag your texture pack (make sure it ends in .zip) into your texture packs folder. It should work fine if on a PC. If you are on a mac you may experience different results. I hope this worked, if it did not, i'm sorry I couldn't answer your question.

Can downloading mods from Yogbox for minecraft give you a virus?

well ive downladed the yogbox compilation and i havent got a virus so you should be fine.